20 Freaky Things To Do To Your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend fantasizes about sex. Trust us. Probably a lot more than you realize. And what she is fantasizing about may shock you. If you’re looking for some freaky things to do to your girlfriend, chances are she has already thought about doing them-at least some of them.

Even if she seems like the most wholesome, G-rated “girl-next-door” type, her sexual desires and fantasies may lean more towards X-rated.

Maybe you and your girl have been in a relationship for a while, and you’re thinking of trying some new ways to put the spark and sizzle back into your sex life. Or maybe you’re in a brand-new relationship and you want to ensure that things in the bedroom stay as hot and spicy as they currently are. 

freaky things to do to your girlfriend

Women are often judged negatively for being sexual beings, while men are often praised for the very same thing. As a result, many women are afraid to tell you what they really want, sexually speaking, for fear you’ll think less of them, or that you’ll be upset because you think she’s not enjoying the sex she’s currently having with you.

But the best way to improve your sex life and your relationship is by communicating and being honest. By discovering what she might desire and fantasize about, you can bring some of those fantasies to life – and into your mutual sex lives. 

With that in mind, we invite you to read our list of twenty freaky things you can do with your girlfriend to take your sex life and relationship to new heights of ecstasy and intimacy!

20 Freaky Things To Do To Your Girlfriend

1. Undress Her

man removing woman's bra

And we don’t mean just tearing her clothes off in your hurry to get her naked. Take your time with it, make it a sexy part of your foreplay. Unbutton her blouse very slowly, kissing her neck softly as you undo one button at a time. Or unzip her jeans and pull them down slowly as you kiss her stomach. Build the anticipation for what is to come.

2. Take Sexy Pictures/Sext Her

Foreplay can start this way and last all day long, building the anticipation for when you get together with her. A suggestive photo or two, combined with some naughty texts about what you want to do to her when you see her, is sure to stoke the fires!!

3. Watch Porn Together

Watching porn with your girlfriend can spark new ideas in the bedroom. Watching real people (or porn stars) get it on with her is intimate and arousing. And when watching with your partner, you’ll get an idea of what she likes to watch, which can reveal fantasies you didn’t know you had. 

4. Talk Dirty To Her

The goal is to turn her on with your words. Just as men are stimulated primarily visually, women are stimulated mentally. Whether it’s a kiss followed by something like “I can’t wait to get you naked tonight” or a naughty text, the rewards will await you between the sheets. 

5. Role Play

roleplaying in bed

You can play doctor and OB-GYN patient, schoolteacher and naughty schoolgirl who needs a spanking, boss man and secretary – the list goes on. If you can dream it up, you can bring it to life in the bedroom. 

6. Use a Vibrator On Her

If you haven’t used sex toys with her and are unsure how she will react, it’s probably not the best idea to spring a 10-inch dildo on her right away. Instead, try something like “Hey babe, I read this article online and I thought it might be fun to try a toy or two in bed…what do you think?”

If you show her you want to give her more pleasure in bed instead of focusing only on your own, you’re going to have a much happier girlfriend. You’ll thank us later.

7. Choke Her/Breath Play

Some light choking  can be very sexy and also increase her sexual arousal and blood flow to the clitoris. It requires a lot of trust on your girlfriend’s part so you need to approach this very carefully and not overdo it.

The way to do this is to place your hand on her neck, applying pressure to the sides, but not directly on the esophagus. Make it safer by using a ‘tap’ system so she can tap you with her hand when she’s had enough. 

8. Spank Her

waiting to be spanked on bed

If you smack your girlfriend’s butt as you pass by or when she goes through a doorway and she enjoys it, she’s likely to also enjoy it in the bedroom during sex. It’s part of BDSM and she may enjoy the sensation of pain and pleasure. 

9. Pull Her Hair

Sex that’s a bit on the rough side can be really enjoyable for both of you. This includes pulling her hair (not too hard, of course) to show you’re dominant and in control. Grabbing a handful of her hair and giving it a gentle tug to tilt her head back while you kiss her is sure to turn her on.

10. Try Some Light BDSM

We’re not necessarily saying go full “Fifty Shades of Grey” with an entire sex dungeon full of all kinds of kinky devices. But if your girlfriend is into it, you might try some light bondage on her with a scarf, a Japanese silk rope, or some velcro straps to tie her hands and/or feet together.

Having this done requires a lot of trust in your partner, so be sure you two come up with a mutually-agreed-upon “safe word” in case things become too intense during bondage play.

11. Go Down On Her

man pleasuring woman in bed

Did you know that only about 25% of women are able to have an orgasm from intercourse alone? True story. No matter the size, shape or length of a man’s penis, a much higher percentage of women – 81%, in fact – are able to reach orgasm from oral sex.

So get to work on your cunnilingus skills, and if yours aren’t quite up to par, ask her to help you with where/how much pressure/what feels good to her. You know how much you enjoy a good blowjob? That’s how much your girlfriend loves when you eat her out. 

12. Experiment With Anal Play

This will definitely require a prior conversation and her consent, but experimenting with her backdoor area can prove to be very pleasurable if she is open to it. You might start gradually with just a finger or a tongue, and if all goes well maybe work your way up to full penetration or use an anal plug or beads.

Needless to say, hygiene is paramount in this case, so you’ll both want to be showered fresh and clean before you play. 

13. Cold/Hot Temperature Play

Temperature play can be very kinky and hot – even if it’s cold. You can try running some ice over her nipples, inner thighs, or butt. Or if cold just isn’t her thing, you can buy some massage candles for heating her up.

Some extra-kinky types use regular candles that actually leave marks on the skin, but it’s probably not a good idea to start out with. You want to get her hot and bothered, not actually burn her!

14. Sensory Deprivation

blindfolded love making

Whether it’s a blindfold, a ball gag, or earplugs, having one or more of your senses taken away from you during sex takes a lot of trust in your partner, and can heighten arousal and awareness of your remaining senses while having sex. 

15. Mutual Masturbation

It’s basically the most intimate thing you can do with your girlfriend, even more so than having sex. You are letting each other watch and listen as you something most do only behind closed doors. Getting in on the peep show and watching each other pleasure yourselves kicks up the naughty factor – WAY up.

With the added bonus that pleasure is pretty much guaranteed for both of you, because you each get to do what you know works for you.

16. Orgasm Denial

woman orgasming

This is the practice of denying orgasms to intensify sexual tension, and is usually practiced in dominant-submissive relationships. Orgasm denial is different but similar to edging — reaching the brink of orgasm and then delaying it, to ultimately achieve a more intense O from the big build-up.

In orgasm denial you might tell your girlfriend, “Don’t touch yourself today. That pussy is mine. Just wait until I see you.” It’s a turn-on because you’re not really denying her a climax; you’re promising her something better.

17. Threesome With Another Woman

This is actually one of the more common sexual fantasies for women, but your girlfriend might be afraid to tell you about it. There’s always the possibility of jealousy on both your parts, and she might fear that if you bring in another woman, you might be more attracted to the other woman than to her.

But if she’s interested in trying it out, do your best to make her as comfortable and confident as possible. 

18. Threesome With Another Man

Same goes here as in #17. And you will have to be comfortable enough with watching another guy pleasure your girlfriend. It’s not for everyone.

19. Fool Around/Have Sex In Public

removing underwear in the car

While we don’t necessarily condone the breaking of any laws or illegal sexual behavior in public, you can still have some fun (and maybe some actual sex provided you don’t get caught). 

20. Take Her To a Sex Club Or A Swinger’s Party

This is definitely one of the more daring and adventurous ideas on the list. It might appeal to your girlfriend to feel desired simultaneously by both men and women, and being watched, or watching your partner with other people can be a turn-on because of the different sexual experiences available.

This will only work if both of you are not jealous and have some predetermined boundaries in place. Not every woman who fantasizes about swinging wants to act it out in real life. Sometimes fantasies are better left as they are. 


Whether your sexual taste is kind of mild or pretty wild, we hope you’ve been inspired to try some of these freaky things to do to your girlfriend to take your sex life to the next level. Have fun, remember to always get consent first, and then…let your freak flag fly.

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