5 Signs She’s Not Faking It

You just had a passionate night with a girl. There was a lot of loud moaning and yelling. It seemed like she had a good time and it certainly felt good to you, but how do you know that she wasn’t faking an orgasm? There are 5 signs to know she’s not faking it.

5 sure-fire ways to know that a woman is not faking an orgasm include:

  • Her vaginal walls contracting
  • An obvious verbal cue
  • Her body tensing
  • Dilated pupils and unfocused eyes
  • Tender and reddened skin post-sex

While it’s not always easy, there are ways for a guy to know if a woman is enjoying her time in bed with him. In this article, we will help you identify if a girl is enjoying your moves, how to know if she actually had an orgasm and what the difference between an orgasm and a climax is.

Physical Signs That She’s Not Faking It

The first step to getting a woman to orgasm is getting her aroused. If you jump straight into sex without the woman being aroused or horny, then chances are she won’t orgasm.

  • She Gets Wet

One of the first signs of sexual arousal in a woman is that she is wet. The is the body’s natural reaction to arousal as it lubricates the vagina in preparation for sex. It’s kind of the equivalent of a male boner.

Obviously, you can’t tell if she’s wet before she gets naked, but if you go to start fingering her and she’s extremely wet, whatever you did beforehand worked.

  • Her Nipples are Erect

Human nipples are made up of erectile tissue. This means that when she gets excited, her nipples get hard.
If she takes off her shirt and you notice her nipples aren’t hard, try rubbing or sucking on them to stimulate arousal.

  • Heavy Breathing and Increased Skin Temperature

As a woman begins to get aroused, her heart rate increases. In order to get the oxygen needed to support the increased heart rate, she starts breathing heavily. If it sounds like your girl just ran a marathon, you’re doing something right.

Sexual stimulation results in an increase in blood flow. If you notice that a girl is blushing or has red skin, then she is really feeling herself.

  • She Presses Her Legs Together

This is harder to notice during sex, but if you are fingering or eating a girl out and you feel her legs squeezing your hand or head, she is really enjoying herself.

  • She Bites Her Lips

This one is a little easier to notice than some of the other signs. The mouth is a very sexual place, it’s where we indicate our love for each other by kissing.
If you notice her biting her lip, it’s a natural reaction to being aroused.

  • Her Skin Smells Different

On the more subtle side of things, a woman will actually smell differently when she’s sexually aroused. This is because she is releasing pheromones, which is a chemical reaction designed to attract partners.

Of course, this may not be as noticeable if this is your first time being with a woman. However, this is a great way for married couples or long-term partners to tell when their partner really likes something.

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How to Know if She’s Having an Orgasm

Guys often mistake signs of arousal, for signs of an orgasm. Most women don’t shout during an orgasm. It’s more of a moment of ecstasy that culminates in a sweet release. Let’s look at the five signs that she orgasmed and isn’t faking it.

  • Her Vaginal Walls Contract

While this is not true for every type of orgasm, a genital orgasm is accompanied by the vaginal walls contracting. If you’re having intercourse and you feel her vagina tighten around your penis, it probably means that she’s orgasming.

  • Her Breath Pattern Changes

As a woman gets aroused their breath quickens. When she orgasms she lets out a deep guttural breath or a scream. This is very similar to the breath that men release when they have orgasmed.

  • Body Contractions and Tremors

A full-body orgasm is one of the easiest ways to tell that a woman has orgasmed. Her body will get extremely tense during sex, but as she orgasms, there will be a tremor throughout her body linked to the release of all the sexual tension.

  • Dilated Pupils and Unfocused Eyes

When a woman has an orgasm her pupils become dilated. Additionally, her eyes will come out of focus and even shake a little.

This reaction is impossible to fake, but also very hard to catch. You don’t want to stare at her eyes during sex or else she might become turned off.

  • Tender and Reddened Skin

Sex results in an increase in blood flow which will make a woman’s skin turn red and feel warmer.
If your girl looks pale after sex or doesn’t feel a little warm, then chances are she did not enjoy herself.

woman having an orgasm

What is the Difference Between a Climax and an Orgasm?

Most people don’t realize it, but there is a difference between a climax and an orgasm. Sex Educator, Lucia Paxton, has compared a climax to a mountain and an orgasm to a dome. What does that mean?

An orgasm is a relaxed state of mind, where a climax is a physical reaction to the release of sexual energy.
With orgasms, there shouldn’t be an end goal, but rather a will to enjoy the sexual journey and the state of mind it induces. You can have an extended orgasm without ever climaxing.

Different types of orgasms include:

  • Clitoral
  • Cervical
  • G-spot
  • Full body
  • Energetic
  • Anal
  • Nipple
  • Mind
  • Sensory

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When you orgasm, you enter a “dome” or a frame of mind. With practice, you can stay in this state for an extended period of time.

A climax is a “mountain” in that you reach a peak of physical ecstasy and then come back down.
This is all to say that your girl can enjoy a sexual experience without climaxing. So if she doesn’t exhibit the physical release of a climax, she may still have orgasmed.

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