Tips to online dating: 8 things to do to attract women online

If you think about it, online dating is pretty awesome. With the tips to online dating mentioned in this article, you should find it easier to meet and connect with a number of women that you wouldn’t have been able to in real life.

Depending on where you live, chances are there is a good number of single and attractive women within your proximity. The downside to this is that the same holds true for every other guy in your area that is looking to find a date online. What I’m saying is, you got competition.

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The worst part of it all is it will be hard to succeed with online dating if you don’t know how to approach women online. Standing out from the crowd is what it will set you apart. It comes down to capturing their attention and keeping them interested.

How to do online dating and make it work may sound like a challenge. Following the tips discussed in this article will make it a lot easier.

1. Use search filters

This is your opportunity to narrow down your potential matches to target the women you will want to meet. If there are things you consider red flags or turn-offs, and you want to avoid, adjust your search settings. One of the most important tips to online dating is knowing what you ‘re looking for and how to look for it.

2. Use the right app or dating site

Different dating sites cater to different types of people and relationship goals. Additionally, there are apps based on values, beliefs, age groups, lifestyle, and the list goes on. A good online dating tip is to use the platform that is right for you and your intentions. A mistake a lot of guys make is to think that by using the most popular dating apps out there, they increase their chances of meeting someone compatible.

3. Work on your profile

This is one of the more important tips to online dating. Your profile should reflect who you are as a person. Take the time to fill it out and write something about yourself that is interesting, unique, and to the point. Keep it short but not too short. 3-5 sentences in your “About me” section will do. Be creative and keep it simple.

You want to have written enough for the other person to get a feel of who you are while avoiding writing your whole life’s story.

When it comes to pictures, stick to uploading between 3 to 5. Go for pictures of you doing something interesting or in a social setting, and looking your best.

4. Know how to identify intentions

What to avoid

There’s no doubt, you will match with women with no real intentions to date. You will know when the person isn’t serious when the profile is blank and only has a single picture posted. Some women use dating sites to kill time, looking for someone to talk to when bored. Others may use them as a way to advertise their social media. If you‘re looking for a genuine connection, pass on those profiles.

What to look for

Look for profiles that are filled out. Women that take the time to write about themselves in their profiles are more than likely taking online dating seriously. You want to match with women that put some effort into crafting an appealing profile-just like you did. What they write is also a good indicator, so pay attention to that, too.

5. Send a unique first message

When it comes to sending the first message, think outside the box. Avoid openers such as “What’s up” or “Hi, how’s it going?”. While there’s nothing wrong with a simple greeting, it doesn’t work that well in the online dating world. Instead, try to mention something you found interesting in her profile. You could also ask a thought-provoking question that will entice her to respond.

If you prefer to flirt with her, compliment her in an indirect, playful, and creative way. Let’s say you want to say something about a picture she has posted of herself in a bikini at the beach. Instead of “You must have been working out”, try “I didn’t know a mermaid’s color of choice in swimsuits is pink”.

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6. Ask her questions

Asking the right questions is important as they build trust and connection. They will help determine if the interest is mutual (she will want to ask some questions in return). Asking questions is also a way to figure out how compatible you are, based on the answers.

Avoid asking personal questions when you first start talking to someone. Instead, focus on asking about her interests and hobbies. Aim for open-ended questions to help with the flow of the conversation.

7. Don’t take too long to ask for her number

But don’t ask for it right away either. The right time to ask for her number is after you had a long conversation. You want to have a conversation with a natural flow, where both of you are happy to have. When you know enough about the other person to want to continue talking, is the time to go for the number.

Asking for her number after you take the time to know a bit about her, will show her that you’re asking because you think there is potential. At this point, she should have some level of trust in you. If the conversation went well and there were signs of compatibility, she will not hesitate to move on to texting or calling

8. Know when to move on

Moving on as if you have failed, may not sound like a good tip to online dating, but it is and here’s why: There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Move on to finding another match if the person you‘re talking to doesn’t seem interested. An indicator she’s not a good match is when she’s late to respond, or her responses are short and dry.

Don’t get attached to any woman you meet online and don’t get invested even if things seem to be going well at first.


The online dating world is vast, and the number of dating apps and websites on the internet, plentiful. Knowing how to approach online dating, and using these tips to online dating to your advantage, is key to increasing your chances of meeting someone special.

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