This blog was created as an informational site for single men looking to navigate the dating world of today. We offer dating advice to single men of all different backgrounds, like suggestions on how to approach women, how to overcome shyness, how to sustain conversation, and more. We have all the information to equip you to be successful in your online and/or offline dating life!

This blog was founded upon the belief that asking for and offering dating advice should not be taboo. Nobody has it all figured out, so there need to be more resources for single men who want help with dating! Especially in this day and age, when technology is such a big part of the dating scene and interactions can seem increasingly less personal, dating can be extremely tough.

We believe that lack of guidance or advice should in no way be a barrier to men who want to put themselves out there, but that often happens in reality! It is our hope that by providing basic dating tips, any man who wants to date, can date. And that any man who wants to date, can do so confidently.

If you are a single man looking for tips and advice on how to navigate today’s dating world, know that you are not alone! Let us equip you with the tools you need to be successful. After all, you do not want to miss out on a chance to find the woman of your dreams and the person with whom you could spend the rest of your life!