Benefits Of Being A Single Man: Are You Better Off?

Society’s first inquiry about your relationship comes when you are barely in your teens. From then on, you are expected, if not urged, to be in a relationship. While there are benefits to being a single man, the world deems it unacceptable, if not sad.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The times are changing, and singlehood isn’t frowned upon anymore. More and more youngsters prefer being single. By the year 2016, there were around 112 million unmarried people aged 18 and older in the United States. And more people are staying single than before. So, you are not alone being single in this era.

Here are the benefits of being a single man:

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The Advantages You Have As A Single Man:

More Time to Develop Friendships

There is a difference between being lonely and alone. Most single people are not lonely; they prefer being alone, and that doesn’t reflect on their relationships. They have strong friendships since they have more time to spend with friends and family.

In reality, single men have better social connections, according to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.
Humans are social animals; Strong friendships and connections are essential for your mental well-being. When you are single, you get time to work on deepening those relationships.

Work on Yourself

The first relationship you will have is with yourself. Until the kinship you have with yourself is strong, you cannot make time for others. Being single gives you time to work on yourself, be it working out or discovering your true self.

The benefits of being a single man include more time and money to pursue your passion and hobbies. You get to make your choices and be independent. You also learn to live with the decisions you make.
Do not look for a partner to complete you or make you happy; You need to be fulfilled on your own;

Focus on Your Health

When compared to men in committed relationships, singles are more healthy with lower BMI’s. They worked out and had more nutritious meals than married guys. However, this can be attributed to the time that single men tend to have more of.

Moreover, research shows that men in happy and contented relationships tend to put on weight. They consider themselves taken and do not care much about their appearance. Men also tend to eat more when with their partners rather than when eating alone. They get complacent with their health and appearance.

UK researchers have found that 40% of people taking a survey piled on 14 pounds after starting a relationship.

Travel on a Whim

Ever wanted to travel on a whim? It is unimaginable to do so when you are in a relationship. Your partner would not be happy when you decide to go on a backpacking trip or maybe hike through the Appalachian Trail. While their anger and displeasure are understandable, the lack of freedom can sometimes be limiting.

However, single men can take off and travel without a thought and hesitation. If you are a traveler at heart, singlehood is ideal for you.

Independent and Self-Reliant

When you are single, you don’t have anyone to cook, clean, or do simple everyday chores. You have to clean up and get your home in order by yourself, which usually would be a woman’s task in a relationship as well—being single forces you to be independent and self-reliable.

Fewer Regrets

Being in a committed relationship doesn’t let you explore life and its marvels on your own terms. You have to be selfless about your desires and should consider your partner’s feelings too.

Single men, on the other hand, have the benefit of being as selfish as they can. You get to maintain an identity of your own without being a husband or partner. Staying single helps to regain a sense of self rather than being a husband or partner, especially when you are newly divorced.

Flirt Without a Care

One of the most significant benefits of being a single man is being able to flirt. Flirting, even when done playfully, is not ideal while in a relationship. Your partner will not like it and can be seen as disrespectful or cheating. When single, some casual flirting doesn’t hurt anyone.

It goes without saying that single men have the best time flirting.

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Enjoy Being Single

A single man is not someone who simply lives alone; He has made a choice to survive and enjoy life without being dependent on others.
Here’s how you can enjoy the single life without moping around:

● Why not connect with your old friends again and maybe plan to meet?

● Take up a new hobby, something that you have wanted to try for a long time.

● Reflect on your choices and figure out ways to improve yourselves.

● Read! Reading is the best way to entertain yourselves and improve your knowledge at the same time.

● You still have your friends and family. Spend time with them and make memories.

● Focus on yourself! Develop your skills and be the person you always wanted to be.

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Types of Guys Who Stay Single

Not all single men are proud of their single status. While some have figured it all out, others are still looking for a way out.

If you are one of those who have hit their 30’s without a serious relationship, you may belong in one of the following categories:

● The playboy who still banks on his looks

● The bitter man who is still angry about his bad experiences

● The desperate man who finally decides that he wants a family

● The naive man who has missed all the social cues and doesn’t know how to behave in the society

● The friend-zoned guy who never seems to catch a break

● The man-child who wants to replace his mom with a girlfriend

● The good catch who is looking for his equal

● The quitter who is chronically single


Be single or in a relationship: Which is better? There is one answer to this question. It depends on the person and his perception of life. While you will miss having someone to talk to and be romantically close with, it’s not the end of the world.

There is more to life than having a partner. Stop believing what you think is expected; instead, do what makes you happy. Don’t be in a relationship just because you are scared of being single, and don’t be pressured to start one you will regret.

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