Can a Girl Change Her Mind After Rejecting a Guy?

Being rejected without having a chance at a relationship is painful. Almost as painful as breaking up with a girl you’re still in love with. Breakups are generally more painful because you have a history together and shared memories that make you smile. Then comes the sadness of realizing it’s all over, you’re losing her, and she’s moving on.  

When it comes to rejection, you are not even given a chance.  The girl decides to break your heart with a simple “Sorry, not interested”.  But what if you really like this girl? Can a girl change her mind after rejecting a guy?  

There are a number of reasons why a girl may reject you. It is possible she will change her mind and will want to pursue a relationship at a later point in time. What you should do in the meantime, is focus on yourself, date other women, and respect her decision. This can only improve the chances of her changing her mind about turning you down-but don’t expect it. 

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In order to know if a girl can change her mind after rejecting a guy, start by asking yourself why you believe you were rejected in the first place.  The girl may have already given you the answer, or it may be a reason you suspect.  

Because there has to be a reason why the girl rejected you, recognizing what that reason is – and if there is anything you can do about it – will give you an idea of the odds of her changing her mind. 

Can a Girl Change Her Mind About Liking You? 

Girls, like anybody else, can change their minds about liking someone. Women can be turned “off” by your behavior and no longer find you attractive, therefore no longer like you.

This works the same way as how you may feel about a friend who did something wrong. Something a good friend would never do. As a result, you no longer consider them a friend and you do not want to be friends anymore.

A telltale sign a girl no longer likes you is when she makes herself unavailable and becomes distant

Once a girl’s perception of you changes, she can change her mind about liking you. If she thought you were a certain type, yet your actions and behavior show her a different side of you, she won’t like you anymore.

When it comes to physical attraction, it’s possible that a girl will lose interest if you dramatically change your appearance to a point that she no longer finds you attractive. 

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Because of perception, a girl that rejected you initially can change her mind. Maybe she thinks you are not the right guy based on a first impression.

You can change her mind as time goes by and she gets to know you better. 

How to Get a Girl to Change Her Mind About You 

It’s not uncommon for a girl to reject you because of a bad first impression. You could have used a cheesy pick-up line that, apparently, didn’t work. Or the way you were dressed made you look like a player.

You should never try to convince, beg or force the girl to change her mind about you. That’s not how it works.  

If you think you were misunderstood, all you can do is be your true self moving forward. Give her time to get to know the real you. Avoid pretending to be someone you’re not in order to impress her.  Sooner or later, she will figure you out and definitely change her mind about you. For the worst. 

There will be times when a girl is not interested because she’s just not into you. She could be interested in someone else, is already in a relationship, or does not want to date at all. You must respect her decision and move on. 

Why Would a Girl Reject a Guy She Likes?

A girl may reject a guy she likes for a number of reasons. While it may appear like she’s contradicting herself at first, don’t assume she’s just playing hard to get.

There are legitimate reasons why a girl can reject a guy she likes. 

  • You’re Not Compatible

It’s possible the girl likes you but doesn’t think you’d make a good couple. In this scenario, the girl is thinking long-term (a serious relationship that could lead to marriage).

She does not feel you two are compatible for this type of commitment. You are not the type of guy she wants to end up marrying for a number of reasons. 

  • You’re Not on The Same Page

Another reason a girl can reject you even if she likes you has to do with your current life situation. What are your priorities, aspirations, and goals?

Women place a high value on planning for their future. Finding the right partner who will be a part of their lives is paramount to them. 

Perhaps she isn’t ready for a relationship and currently has other priorities in life. 

  • She’s Involved with Someone Else

She might reject you is if she is already in a relationship or has feelings for someone else. If you’re wondering why she didn’t just tell you, there are two possibilities. 

She’s the type that wants to keep her personal life private, or didn’t want to hurt your feelings. 

  • Her Family Or Friends Don’t Approve

If she’s easily influenced by others, it’s very likely she rejected you because her family or friends do not approve of you. 

It’s not uncommon for a girl to seek advice from family or friends. Especially at a younger age and depending on how close she is to them.

There are also cultural and religious reasons, which may forbid her from dating an outsider. 

  • She Likes You as A friend  

Determining a girl’s true intentions when she shows interest is one of the challenges a lot of guys have. It’s possible that she only likes you as a friend.

It’s easy to misinterpret a friendly compliment as a sign that she wants something more. The rejection is the result of a misunderstanding.  

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How Does a Girl Feel After Rejecting a Guy? 

How a girl feels after rejecting a guy depends on a number of things. First, are you someone she knows well-like a good friend- and have you always been nice to her? If so, the girl feels bad for turning you down.

She didn’t mean to hurt your feelings and she does feel guilty. You put her in an uncomfortable position and had no choice but to let you know the feelings aren’t mutual. 

She will not care she rejected you if you’re a stranger or someone she barely knows. Girls have to deal with guys hitting on them all the time. Turning them down is nothing new to them.

If you’re a guy that had aggressively flirted with her in the past, she’ll be relieved to finally tell you she’s not interested if you ignored the earlier signs. 

Signs She Changed Her Mind About You 

You will go crazy overanalyzing every little thing hoping it is a sign she changed her mind about you. Generally, it will take some time after the rejection for the girl to realize she has made a mistake.

There is no way to be sure unless she tells you. But there are some signs that she may be reconsidering her decision.

The 5 common signs are: 

She’ll Try to Talk to You  

You had stopped any contact after the rejection, and it seems like she’s trying to talk to you again. This is a good sign.

Sending you text messages or calling out of the blue is a sign she’s making herself available. Which is what girls do when they are interested.  

She Will be Very Friendly 

This is another indicator she has changed her mind about you. When the girl becomes overly nice and friendly towards you.

Knowing you have feelings for her, it could be that she’s giving you an opportunity to start flirting with her.  

She’ll Tell You 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If the girl flat out tells you she regrets rejecting you, she means it.

She’ll Be Asking About You 

Anytime a girl is asking about you, it is a sign of interest. What this means is she’s curious to know what you‘ve been up to, how you are handling the rejection and if you have moved on. 

She’ll Try To Look Her Best 

If the girl dresses up when she knows you’ll be around, she’s trying to grab your attention. Make sure there is a pattern where she looks her best every time you’re present.

It means nothing if she dresses up for a special event, even if she knew you’d be there.

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What To Do When She Keeps Changing Her Mind About You 

The best thing you can do in this situation is to have a discussion with her. Ask what is she trying to achieve by constantly changing her mind and what are the reasons for doing it.

Make it clear that you don’t appreciate this kind of behavior. Let her know that if she doesn’t make a decision, you’ll have no choice but to move on. 

If you’re happy with her response, talk it through and be understanding. It’s possible that she is just unsure about you. She may have good reasons to want to take time to make up her mind and take things slow.

If you suspect she’s just playing games, it’s best to let her go and move on. 

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