Does she like me? 50 ways to know if she’s interested

If you have been dating, you have probably experienced this: You start talking to a woman that you like. You can’t be sure if she likes you back, or as much, or even at all. You start to wonder “Does she like me?”. The best thing you can do is wait it out, see how things play out and hope that the feelings are mutual, right? Not necessarily.

A woman looking into a man's eyes during dinner date

There are tell tale signs that a woman likes you. They are not always based on body language (like her feet pointing towards you, or if she’s playing with her hair).

Her actions are signals with hidden messages.

A woman will do things for the sole purpose of letting you know she likes you and that she’s interested. You can miss out on a lot of information that hides behind a woman’s actions, if you don’t know how to decode them.

She will answer the “Does she like me” question, without saying a word, if she:

1. Hints that she wants to hang out with you

Women prefer the man to do the chasing, so it’s unlikely she will make it too obvious that she wants to see you again. She will bring up that she hasn’t been to the movies in a while. Or that she has yet to try the new sushi place everyone seems to love. Or ask if you have any plans this weekend. Any time you feel she’s -indirectly- inviting you to do something, she is. And it’s intentional because she likes you.

2. Asks you questions

Don’t think she’s making small talk. She wants to know about your hobbies, your favorite activities, if you’re a dog or a cat person. She’s trying to gauge your compatibility. The more “relationship focused” the questions are (ex. How many kids would you like to have) the more interested she is.

3. Initiates contact

Any time she takes the time to call or text you first, that’s a good sign. It shows that not only she enjoys talking to you, but wants to keep the ball rolling if she hasn’t heard from you in a while.

4. She dresses up

Most women want to look good and they’re not always doing it to impress men, but to feel good about themselves. The key here is the circumstances. Does she normally dress for comfort but showed up all dolled up on your date? That’s a good sign.

5. Makes time for you

Most people are pretty busy, no doubt there. Most people also make time for things that matter to them or give them pleasure. If she’s interested in you, she will return your call ASAP if she couldn’t talk when you called her. The same applies if she offers an alternative date if she can’t make it out to see you on a day you suggested. Her saying “sorry, I’ve been very busy lately” is a nice way of saying she’s not that interested.

6. She’s proud of you (for no reason)

Pride, admiration and value go hand in hand. A woman that shows she’s proud of you also means she admires and values you, which are all good signs. These can be minor achievements or skills you may have. It’s not the achievement or skill in itself that impresses her. It’s the “bonus points” that you earned in her mind- and she likes that. If she’s into you, she’ll want to glorify every positive thing about you.

7. She’s positive around you

Smiling makes us more attractive, so does depicting positivity and having positive energy. If she’s always complaining about things, chances are she doesn’t care to impress you and wants someone to vent.

8. She’s OK with light touching

If she’s trying to keep her distance she’s doing it to avoid accidental touching. Women with interest will be comfortable with touching. If anything, they will attempt it to break the ice and often do it subconsciously.

9. She remembers events

She remembered to wish you on your birthday, or to ask how that important meeting you had went. That’s a sign that she’s interested. She cared enough to remember and follow up on something that was important to you.

10. She remembers stories you shared

If you notice she brings up something from your past that you shared with her, that means she was listening. That’s always a good sign.

11. She told her friends about you

You will never know what she tells her friends about you. The fact that she talks to them about you is a good thing. Women usually turn to their friends for advice or to share the good news when they‘re dating someone new. If she doesn’t plan to keep seeing you for example, she will not even mention you in her circle. Try to pick up on hints that her friends do know about you, or she will tell you that they know, on her own.

12. Asks about your ex

She may be asking about your ex and past relationships for many reasons. One of them is to see what type of girls you‘re attracted to (and if she has a good chance with you). It could also be to get a feel of how it will be being in a relationship with you based on what you tell her.

13. She’s always on time, or a little late

If she’s very late, she didn’t want to show up. Being a little late is good. This could mean be that she needed extra time to make sure her hair looked perfect. Or that she didn’t want to get there before you.

14. Asks for your opinion

This includes asking for your advice. By wanting to know what YOU think she a) trusts your judgment and b) wants to see if you can be supportive. Asking for your input shows she values your opinion, even if she ends up deciding on her own. Generally, people don’t care for the opinions of those they don’t like or feel a connection with.

15. She is disappointed you cancelled

You made plans, and then had to cancel. That’s understandable as life happens. Showing disappointment means she was looking forward to seeing you and had no other plans or a plan B for that day. As long as she only showed disappointment (and isn’t being irrational and angry), make sure to make it up to her.

16. She takes a bite

Woman on a dinner date

Sharing food builds trust and intimacy. When you‘re out on a dinner date with her, offer to let her try your food. If she accepts to eat off your plate (and fork), she’s interested in you and is already feeling a connection. Ideally, she will offer you to try her food as well. This doubles as an indicator that you can go for a kiss later.

17. She changes her tone of voice

When talking to you, a woman’s tone will change and pitch will be lowered, if she’s interested. It’s an attempt to come across as more feminine, sensual and build a romantic connection.

18. She doesn’t complain

You’re out on a date, and she complains about the food, the service or anything else for that matter. She could be having the worst dining experience she ever had. Still, someone who’s interested in you will want to make it a pleasant experience for both of you.

19. She offers to reschedule when she has to cancel

Not only is this is common courtesy, but it can say a lot about why she cancelled. If something came up and had no other choice but to cancel, she will offer to reschedule. If she doesn’t, saying that something came up was an excuse to not see you.

20. She gets jealous (Hints of jealousy)

It can be hard to spot a jealous woman, especially if you’re only dating and she has no “right” to call you out on anything. But it’s possible. Try to notice the look on her face, or her questions after you had a conversation with an attractive woman. Showing signs of jealousy at this stage means she wants you, and doesn’t want to have to compete for your attention.

21. She’s off her phone

Everyone knows not to be on their phones while on a date. Her glimpsing on her phone, or texting someone back, is not good. More than likely she’s either checking the time or telling her friends what a boring date this is. Make her night a bit more exciting by skipping dessert and ending the date a little sooner.

22. She offers to pay or split the bill

As a man, you should definitely pay when you‘re out on a date. That said, it’s nice to see her doing the “purse grab”, and initiating to help with the bill. After a few dates she should offer to “treat you” for once. You want her to be appreciative and willing to reciprocate. You‘re going on dates to get to know someone and them reciprocating once in a while is crucial. If not, you might as well run a charity and call it “dating to feed single women”.

23. She’s not distracted when on the phone

A woman excited to be talking to you, will want no distractions. If she can’t bother to turn the TV down, or stop what she’s doing to take your call, your call isn’t priority.

24. She wants to meet your friends

You have been seeing her for a while now, and still can’t figure out what she thinks of you. Invite her to come along and hang out with your friends. Wanting to meet your friends means she wants to know more about you-and get to spend time with you. If she’s being especially nice around them, she wants to be “accepted”. That’s a good thing.

25. Smiles, often

Smiling woman with eyes closed

If she has a natural, wide smile on her face when she’s around you, she enjoys your company and is in a happy mood. Same goes for when you‘re talking to her and she has a smile on her face, she can’t help but show you that you make her happy.

26. She lets you pick where to go

Some women are indecisive by nature. Sometimes, she’ll want you to decide what to do and where to go, for a reason. This is a good sign as it shows that it doesn’t matter what you do as long as she does it with you. She also doesn’t want to be “responsible” for a bad date night if you didn’t like the place or activity she had chosen.

27. She stands close to you

Body language doesn’t lie. If it’s too early for her to say that she likes you, read her body language. If she likes you she will want to be on your side or standing close. But, if she’s keeping her distance, she’s not sure about you yet.

28. She makes eye contact

It’s her way of reading what’s your on your mind while you ‘re listening to her. Keeping eye contact is also a way to flirt and say “you have my undivided attention”.

29. She applies make up

Not talking about using make up in general, or doing her entire make up routine while you ‘re hanging out with her. If she’s reapplying things like lip gloss, perfume or hair spray, she wants to make sure she looks her best.

30. She brings up her imperfections

Not while crying and yelling how she’ll never find anyone because she’s so ugly (that would be a red flag), but in a playful way. When she brings up something negative about herself, she is being self conscious. All she wants to know is if you noticed her imperfections (and if they bother you). Don’t mistake this as her fishing for compliments, she’s not.

31. She doesn’t talk about her ex

And if she does, it will be brief, in a good way and only after you brought it up. Even if she had an awful experience dating someone else, she’ll want to keep things fun to make a good impression. One way to do this is by not talking bad about another guy she dated.

32. She asks you to clarify

It could be something you‘re talking to her about at the moment or from a previous conversation. All it means is that she wants to make sure she understands you and values what you ‘re sharing with her.

33. “Where were we?”

If she asks “where were we?” after having your conversation interrupted, that is. Think about watching a fascinating movie and you missing a few scenes, getting back to the movie you ‘ll want to know “what did I miss?”. If it was a movie you didn’t particularly like and hadn’t captured your attention, you could care less. The same concept applies here.

34. She’s shy (at first)

This one really depends on her personality type, but generally shyness shows attraction. It’s like a defense mechanism for her not to mess up and say or do something that will turn you off.

35. She doesn’t call you “cute”

Women don’t use this word to describe someone, when are romantically or sexually interested in them. The word “cute” (along with other words like goofy, adorable etc) is reserved in their vocabulary for men-and things- they like, but not in a romantic way. If she calls you cute, you‘re headed to the friend zone.

36. She’s thoughtful

There’s many and different ways to show thoughtfulness, and since every woman is different, it’s not easy pinpointing what to look out for. Generally, when she does something that she knows, or thinks you‘ll enjoy, that’s a good sign.

37. She thanks you after a date

If she had a good time and you left her a good impression on your date, chances are she will take the time to say thank you. A “thank you for the date” by itself doesn’t mean much. If it’s accompanied by “we should definitely do this again”, “can’t wait to see you again” or anything along those lines, it definitely does.

38. She posts a picture of the flowers you gave her

If she does this, the flowers were a pleasant surprise and she wants to show them off. By posting a picture on her social media, she low key wants to brag to her friends about her date, and you. If she sends you a picture of the flowers (in a vase), it’s to show that she appreciates them and that she’ll be taking care of them.

39. She shares a personal story

It could be an embarrassing incident, or an event in her life that that had affected her childhood. Whatever the case may be, if she shares something personal with you, she’s opening up-and is starting to trust you.

40. She trusts you

When she’s starting to trust you, she will do things that show you don’t pose a threat to her or her privacy. She may do any of the following: Let you know where she lives, let you know where she works, she’ll trust to leave her belongings with you (ex. Purse to go to the restroom), or take a long drive with you.

41. She calls you

Her initiating contact by texting first is great, but an even better sign is when she actually calls. When she’s texting, you don’t know if she’s texting a bunch of other people at the same time, and out of boredom. If she calls, she only wanted to talk to you, and hear your voice.

42. She asks what you like in a woman

By asking you this question, she’s trying to figure out if you like her-because she likes you. Having this information is also a way for her to see what’ she’s doing right, and if she’s doing something wrong, as well.

43. She’s OK doing nothing

Couple having a conversation on top of a mountain on a date

Doing nothing in particular with you that is. If she’s content hanging out and talking, or going for a walk in the park, then she values the time she gets to spend with you.

44. She offers to join you places

She wants to spend time with you and this is her way of sneaking some more time in outside of going out on a date with you. The more boring the activity or place she’s inviting herself to, the higher her interest for you.

45. She doesn’t want your dates to end

She will not tell you this, but if she doesn’t seem in a rush to call it a night, then she’s enjoying her time with you. If she offers to do something else after whatever it is you’re doing at the moment, she definitely wants to spend more time with you.

46. You catch her off guard looking at you

Hopefully not in a creepy way, but this means she’s admiring you and liking what she sees.

47. She’s giggly

Discard this hint if she’s a giggly person to begin with, or when she had a little too much to drink. Typically women that can’t stop giggling are in a happy place, and more often than not in the presence of someone they’re attracted to.

48. She shows interest in your childhood

A woman who’s not interested will not care to know much about you, let alone things that happened in your past. This is her way of trying to learn as much as she can about you. If she asks to see a picture of you as a baby, it could be that she wants to see how you looked as a baby, or what her baby with you might look like.

49. She wants to know about your job

These type of questions are tricky. Take notice in what exactly she’s asking, is she more interested in how much you make, or does she genuinely want to know what it is you’re doing?

50. She wants to know where you live

This is her way of asking to be let into your life, and hopes you‘ll be inviting over soon. It’s a question she’ll eventually ask you if she’s interested.


There are many different ways a woman will show interest. Some are direct and obvious, while others are more subtle. It is important to pay attention to the latter, as a lot of times women will be interested and will not want you to know that they are. Figuring out someone’s intentions and if they like you can be difficult. Knowing how to “read” them will help clear things up at the early stages of a romantic relationship.

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