Don’t Trust Women: The Types Of Women To Avoid (Explained)

While a lot of men picture women as honest and trustworthy, some women can be extremely manipulative. Just like men, women have the capability to deceive and trick men. This is why men don’t trust women and why you shouldn’t trust all women all the time.

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The main reasons men can’t trust women include:

  • It’s difficult to read what’s going on in their minds
  • Society as a whole is sympathetic towards them
  • They often act on emotions

In this article, we will take a look at situations when you shouldn’t trust a woman, what makes men not trust women, some types of women that are just never going to be trustworthy, and how to learn to trust a woman.

When You Shouldn’t Trust Women

While there are situations when you can trust a woman, there are also situations where you certainly should not trust a woman. Especially not right off the bat.

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The First Time You Meet a Woman

The first time that you meet a woman is not the time to trust her wholeheartedly. When dating women you should not trust them until proven otherwise.

Most people will tell small fibs or exaggerate the truth on the first couple of dates and that’s okay.

However, if you notice her lying about significant things like her job, relationship status, or lifestyle then this should be a major red flag.

When She Friend Zones You

You should also never trust a woman that friend zones you.

We aren’t referring to women that think of you as a friend shortly after meeting you, but rather a woman who shows romantic interest in you and then friend zones you out of nowhere.

When a situation like this occurs there is often manipulation involved. For you to have feelings for a woman she had to have flirted with you or shown you some sort of romantic interest.

In other words, she was manipulating you until either something better came along or she got bored with the relationship.

When She Lies to Herself

A girl who describes herself inconsistently from the reality of her actions cannot be trusted. It shows that she is so good at lying that she has even tricked herself into believing her own lies.

For example, if a girl who is loud and ostentatious describes herself as quiet and shy, there is clearly a disconnect between reality and her perception of herself.

It’s extremely hard to trust someone who cannot even be true to themselves.

When She Projects Her Behaviors on You

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Women who are not trustworthy have a habit of projecting behaviors onto others that they are exhibiting or contemplating.

In most cases, you don’t even exhibit the behaviors that you are being accused of.

For example, let’s say your girlfriend is constantly accusing you of cheating even though you haven’t done anything suspicious.

Chances are your girlfriend is either cheating on you or thinking about cheating on you.

She’s projecting this untrustworthy behavior on you simply because she isn’t trustworthy herself.

When They Don’t Show Empathy

A woman who doesn’t show empathy towards you is extremely untrustworthy.

Empathy demonstrates that you care about someone and how your actions affect them.

If a woman doesn’t show empathy towards you then she can’t be trusted simply because she probably doesn’t care if she hurts you.

She Has an Extremely Volatile Emotional State

Another sign that you can’t trust a woman is if her emotions are all over the place.

Of course, it’s normal to have a variety of emotions, but if she has drastic changes in short periods of time, then she cannot be trusted.

The reason that emotional volatility is so dangerous in terms of trust is that there’s no way to know if she’s going to stay true to what she said in a moment of calm or joy.

Inconsistency with emotion indicates inconsistency with honesty and integrity.

She Breaches Your Confidentiality

If you trust a woman enough to tell her something in confidence and she blabs your secret to everyone, then she should not be trusted again.

In order to trust someone with your secrets, you have to know that they won’t share them.

Even breaking your trust once is enough to put doubt about whether she’ll share another secret again.

What Makes a Man Not Trust a Woman?

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While a woman can certainly do things to be untrustworthy, there are also instances where a man’s internal struggles or previous experiences may lead to him not trusting a woman.

It’s important to be cognizant of whether she’s doing something untrustworthy or if you aren’t trusting her because of emotional trauma.

The Man Has Been Cheated on Before

Previous bad relationships make it hard for men to trust girls. If a guy had put trust in another girl and she cheated on him, then he may not be as trusting during the next relationship.

The guy may develop more trust as the relationship progresses, but it will definitely take some time.

The Man Has Been Lied to During the Current Relationship

If a woman gets caught in a lie during the relationship, then he’s obviously going to be more skeptical moving forward.

It’s possible to regain trust, but it will take the woman being completely honest for an extended period of time.

The time it takes to rebuild trust depends on the severity of the lie.

For example, if a girl lying about having sex with another man is a lot different than a lie about cleaning the dishes.

The Guy Thinks that the Girl is Too Good for Him

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If a guy lands a girl out of his league, then sometimes that starts to get in the guy’s head.

Man can start to question whether or not the girl is in it for the long run or just waiting for someone better to come along.

The Guy Has Experienced Childhood Trauma

Often trust issues are rooted in childhood trauma.

If the man’s parents were divorced or someone, he was close to walked out of his life, he may just be inherently mistrusting.

In these instances, the guy just needs some time to get to trust the girl.

They may be skeptical at first but will eventually learn to trust the girl.

Types of Women You Should Never Trust

While your own insecurities may keep you from trusting a woman, there are certain types of women that you flat out can’t trust.

While not every untrustworthy woman fits into one of the descriptions below, you can be fairly certain that if a woman does fit one of these archetypes they are untrustworthy.

The Woman with No Friends

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Typical traits:

  • Always available
  • Extremely clingy
  • Relationship obsessive

If when dating a girl you notice that she never has plans with her friends or always seems to be available at a moment’s notice you should not trust her.

It’s healthy to have friends and hobbies outside of a romantic relationship. If a woman doesn’t have those she’ll become dependent on you and extremely needy.

While you don’t have to worry about this type of woman going out and cheating, you do have to worry about her personality.

There’s probably a reason that she doesn’t have any friends and those characteristics are bound to come out at some point.

The Party Girl

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Typical traits:

  • Drinks a lot
  • Flirty
  • Unreserved

Party girls are a lot of fun to go on dates with or even have short flings with, but you should never trust extreme party girls.

For them, the party is often more important than the relationship.

The Indecisive Woman

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Typical traits:

  • Non-committal
  • Ambiguous
  • Unclear

Indecisive women are tough, they often lead you along for long periods of time without ever committing to a relationship.

It may be tempting to wait for the indecisive woman to decide she wants to be with you, but in reality, you’re just waiting to get heartbroken.

If a girl truly wants to be with you, they’ll commit and won’t hesitate to define what your relationship is.

Something is keeping the indecisive woman from wanting to be with you and it’s not worth sticking around to find out what that is.

The Micromanager

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Typical traits:

  • Controlling
  • Overbearing
  • Overconfident

If a woman tries to manage every aspect of your life it may seem like she cares about you.

However, she’s actually just trying to turn you into her ideal version of a partner.

If a woman isn’t letting you be yourself and make your own decisions, then she can’t be trusted.

Eventually one of you will realize that you aren’t the man she’s trying to turn you in to.

The Drama Victim

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Typical traits:

  • Easily offended
  • Overly emotional
  • Self-absorbed

We all know this type of woman, the one who always seems to have some sort of drama going on.

She got in a fight with a co-worker, her best friend deceived her or, her parents just aren’t being fair.

Eventually, the drama will turn towards you and that’s when the relationship will implode.

How to Learn to Trust Women (And When to Trust Them)

Despite there being a lot of untrustworthy women out there, some are worth your trust and affection.

Once you meet a deserving woman, you need to know how to put your guard down and trust her.


Here are a few tips to start trusting a worthy woman:

Decide What You Want in a Woman

If you don’t know what you are looking for in a woman, then you’ll never find the girl that you are willing to trust completely.

Decide what you want and once you meet someone who fits the criteria, give her your trust.

Think of Trustworthy Woman in Your Life

If you are having a difficult time identifying traits in a potential partner, think about the women you trust in your life already. Your mom, a close co-worker, or a good friend.

Think about the traits that make them trustworthy and look for those in someone you are attracted to.

Take the Time to Heal

If you’ve gone through a rough break-up, take the appropriate amount of time to get over it.

The feelings from the old relationship will carry over into your new relationship ultimately leading to resentment and mistrust.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself to make good decisions. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then you’ll always second guess your decisions.

Trusting yourself to trust the right woman is the key to a strong relationship.

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Should You Trust Women?

As you can see finding the right woman can be hard. The woman and your own history with relationships play a huge impact on how much you can trust a woman.

While you definitely should not blanketly trust all women, if you are ever going to find “your person” then you eventually have to trust at least one woman.

The key is to find the right person and then put your faith in them.

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  1. While I really try to trust women, I just can’t anymore. Too many bad relationships, lies, getting cheated on, and being DARVO’d into oblivion any time I try to make a point about unfairness. That, and the last near-decade of US society putting women on a huge pedestal and encouraging them to act in the ways that men of past generations did wrong to them has only encouraged them further to go after low-hanging fruit who never did anything wrong to them to pay for the sins of their forefathers. Romance is dead, and so is trust. And in this shitty economy, it’s only about what women can do to squeeze money out of men; preferably without even being intimate at all. STAY AWAY from online dating. It’s all scammers.

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