Flowers On The First Date: Should You Bring?

A good first impression is important. Bringing flowers on the first date can make it or break it. While it is a nice gesture to bring her flowers, there are times when doing so is excessive and almost inappropriate. I don’t mean to discourage you, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it. The short answer to whether you should bring flowers on the first date is: It depends.

You risk coming off as needy, and as if you‘re trying to rush things. The last thing you want to do on a first date is make her feel like you‘re moving too fast. What you need to consider is how she will receive such a gesture. Not whether you should give them to her.

Man bringing flowers on the first date

Should You Bring Flowers On The First Date?

Bringing flowers on the first date is not something guys do nowadays. Good thing is, doing so will make you stand out (and hopefully in a good way) from all her other dates in the past. Whether you should bring her flowers or not, depends on how long have you been talking to her. There are other things to think about before you make a decision.

The things to consider to help you make the right decision:

You Should Bring Flowers When:

  • You have been talking to her for a long time
  • She has mentioned that she likes flowers
  • Your date is old fashioned
  • She is looking for something serious
  • She is the romantic type

You Shouldn’t Bring Flowers When:

  • You planned a date shortly after meeting her
  • She told you she likes to take things slow
  • The first date is more like a short meet and greet
  • She hasn’t shown much interest, other than agreeing to meet you
  • She mentioned she doesn’t like flowers or is allergic to them

If you decide to pull the trigger, keep in mind you don’t want to overdo it. The purpose of giving her flowers is to show you’re thoughtful. They are meant as nothing more than a little surprise. You shouldn’t bring her a dozen red roses on the first day, or any fancy bouquet. At this stage in dating, the first time you are meeting her, going overboard will most certainly scare her away.

Stick to a simple mixed bouquet or even a single flower. Avoid getting her red roses, as those represent love. If you know her favorite color, buy her flowers that are the color she loves. Don’t overthink it, and remember most guys wouldn’t even have bothered to get her any flowers in the first place.

Consider When And Where Your Date Takes Place

Don’t forget to consider where you will be going for your first date before you decide if you should bring flowers. Handing her a flower or a small bouquet may be cumbersome and embarrassing for her to carry in public. If it’s hot out, the flowers will die before she even gets a chance to enjoy them. Consider the time of day and the setting where your first date will take place.

When in doubt, keep the flowers in your car (wrap a wet paper towel around the bottom to keep them fresh). Give them to her at the end of the night for her to take home. You may want to do this for 3 reasons.

  • She doesn’t have to carry them
  • Less pressure for her throughout the date when she doesn’t know about them
  • You can always decide not to give the flowers depending on how the date went.


It’s important to remember that if you bring flowers on the first date, don’t make it a big deal. Don’t do it expecting anything in return or in an attempt to make her like you. The gesture itself doesn’t guarantee a second date. It’s far more important to have fun on your date and come across as interesting and confident.

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