How Not To Be Nervous About The First Date With A Girl: 10 Tips To Follow

So, you have a date coming up and you ‘re excited.  You get to go out with a beautiful girl, but you’re worried you will mess it all up.    Since first impressions are important, feeling nervous about a first date with a girl is understandable.  While there is no way to predict how your date will go, it is in your power to prepare for it.  There are tips that will help you stay cool and appear confident when you‘re feeling nervous about your first date with a girl. 

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The 10 Tips To Stop Being Nervous On Your First Date With A Girl

1. Pick Where To Go

If you‘re shy talking to new people, let alone a woman you find attractive, pick where you want to meet.  Avoid planning a date at a busy restaurant, where people around you will be having loud conversations.  This will put you in an awkward situation when everyone around you is being social while you struggle to keep a conversation going.  The noise alone will make things that much more difficult.   Instead, pick a place, or even better an activity, where you wouldn’t be sitting across from each other and feeling pressure to have a conversation. 

2. Keep The Date Short

I’m not saying you should get up and leave if things get uncomfortable.  Before you chicken out and cancel plans, consider planning a short date.  Let her know that you‘re available to meet but only for a short period of time ahead of time.  In addition to picking the right place, knowing that the date will not last too long will help you get more comfortable.  You can always plan a more exciting, longer date next time.  If you‘re nervous about a first date, keep it short and get it over with.

3. Dress Comfortably 

You want to look presentable, but it’s far more important that you‘re comfortable in what you‘re wearing.  If the new dress shoes you wanted to wear just don’t fit right, wear something else.  Wearing clothes that are too tight or just don’t fit right, will affect your self-esteem and ultimately how you come across on your first date. 

4. Try Not To Be Nervous

It’s easier said than done, I get it.  Still, you must make an honest effort to not feel nervous.  Stop worrying if it will go well, and don’t panic if things get awkward at times while you‘re on the date.  If you run out of things to talk about, just enjoy the few moments of silence.  Don’t consider it an awkward moment but instead continue the conversation by asking a question.  If you absolutely can’t think of anything more to say, simply ask her to elaborate or explain something you had talked about previously.   

5. Know That She May Be Nervous 

This will either help you not be so nervous yourself or make it worst when neither of you will know how to handle an awkward moment.  Either way, look at the bright side.  If she isn’t nervous, she’ll more than likely start babbling and will have no issue carrying the conversation.  If she is nervous, use this to your advantage to step it up and take control of the conversation.  You could even tease her for being so shy and start asking her random questions as if you‘re jokingly trying to get her to talk more.  Doing this will help reduce your anxiety and put all the pressure on her trying to not look so shy by answering your questions.  You‘re welcome. 

6. Plan What To Talk About 

If you fear that there will be nothing to say during the date, simply plan what you want to talk about.  Think about all the things you already know about her and find different questions you can ask her.  For example if you know she recently moved to the area, make a note to ask her how she likes it here, and how it compares to where she is coming from.  Additionally, think of a cool story you want to share with her or anything you want her to know about you. 

7. Know How To Continue A Conversation

In addition to planning what to talk about ahead of time, it’s good to know how to continue a conversation.  This doesn’t only apply when you‘re on a date, but it’s a trick you can use in any social interaction.  It’s simple: Ask questions that have answers you can use to ask additional questions.  Instead of asking “Did you like the soup”, say “What was in your soup, it smelled delicious”.  This not only encourages her to talk more, but you‘ll have more “material” to work on and keep the conversation rolling.  If she mentions carrots, let her know how you used to love carrots as a kid, but now you don’t care for them.  From there you can ask what were her favorite vegetables as a kid. 

8. Don’t Let Her Know You Are Nervous 

There is no reason for her to know.  It’s a common mistake to let the other person know when we ‘re feeling nervous, or saying “Sorry, I’m just nervous” when we mess up.  Avoid letting her know at all costs.  You will come across as insecure if you do, which is unattractive.  You want her to think you‘re being 100% comfortable and enjoying the time with her.   

9. Don’t Try To Impress Her

You are nervous because you‘re worried about what she‘ll think of you.  You think by impressing her, she will enjoy your date more and as a result, will like you more.  This is partly true.  You’re wrong to think that you have to dedicate your entire time during the date trying to impress her.  You will only make things worst, once she realizes what you‘re doing.  You‘ll come across as less confident and she will start paying more attention to you finding it entertaining that you‘re trying so hard.  Simply be cool, relaxed, and enjoy your time with her.  You do want to give her a couple of compliments and act like a gentleman, but in the end, make sure to have fun which you can only do when you’re comfortable.  She will like you more if she had a good time with you, and a good experience on your first date. 

10. Watch Your Body Language 

When you’re nervous about your first date with a girl, trick your brain into feeling less nervous by using your body to appear more confident.  With the right body language, you can make your date think you’re confident and your true self.  Uncross your arms (crosses arms show you‘re feeling uneasy or threatened), watch your posture, and don’t forget to maintain eye contact.  Avoid biting your nails, scratching your skin, or tapping your legs.  Always be aware of what you‘re doing or you risk communicating your nervousness without realizing it.  Don’t forget to take slow deep breaths when you‘re really feeling nervous, and to smile.  

How not to be nervous on your first date with a girl

Last Words

Your first date with a woman you like should be a fun and exciting experience. If you find yourself being nervous, remember you’re not meeting the Pope-she’s someone who may be just as nervous to meet you as you are. Follow the tips in this article and prepare yourself if and when things get awkward. Keep in mind that your date is just a good-looking woman, and logically there is nothing to be afraid of or nervous about. Go, have fun and enjoy the moment.

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