How to be charming with women: The guide to attracting more women

Have you ever wondered how less than average-looking men manage to score dates and form romantic relationships with beautiful women? They may be short, fat, bald, or ugly. You almost want to laugh at them but then your jaw drops when you see the girl walking next to them. If you‘re wondering how these men pull it off it is because they know how to be charming with women.

What does it mean to be charming and what do these men have to attract such women? A pretty woman, could have any guy she wants yet ends up with a guy that you look at and wonder “What does he have that I don’t”?

attractive woman holding a mug and smiling at a man

How to be charming is a skill, an art, and a…frequency. Don’t worry, I will explain.

For the majority of our lives, we have been programmed to believe that money is what attracts women. And sure, money helps. What also helps to get women are good looks, having your life together, 6 pack abs, a big penis, having a nice car, and a cute puppy. It’s time to realize that neither of those things really matter. If they did, then all…gifted men with some time to spare at the gym, a good job, and a visit to the animal shelter could start scoring hot women.

But they don’t.

Earlier I mentioned that below-average looking guys can manage to date hot women. For some, this is mind-blowing. So, what gives?

The first step to understanding how to be charming with women is to understand what to be charming means. Then, it’s time to learn the effects of charm on a woman, and lastly how to be charming yourself.

Communicate to her frequency

love frequency

To be charming means to have a positive, addicting personality that appeals to the opposite sex. This ultimately builds attraction. This type of personality has an aura, a positive form of energy, and the frequency which subconsciously communicates with a woman. It is a silent way to let her know that you are a unique, interesting man. A man she should date, or risks missing out if she doesn’t. The type of man she has always been looking for and didn’t know it until she met you.

The reason why being charming is so powerful is because it tricks a woman’s brain. It makes her believe there is something special about you without knowing what. She can’t quite put a finger on it. This creates a strong desire to be with you, and any logical reason why she shouldn’t date you goes out the window.

Charm is the reason scam artists manage to catfish vulnerable women and get them to send them their life savings. Charm is an art that can make a woman fall madly in love with you. They are able to sell the illusion of a perfect man. Charming people are salesmen, and they know how to sell themselves.

Women are attracted to charming men without being able to identify exactly what it is that they love so much about them. This confusion combined with some level of physical attraction is what makes a woman’s interest level skyrocket.

A charming personality is made up of 7 characteristics. Do the following and you ‘ll be on your way to a new charming you:

Be interesting, be positive, be funny, be a charming talker, mysterious, and act like a man.

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How to be charming with women

These 7 characteristics are the key ingredients to becoming charming, which makes a man irresistible to women. Let’s break them down and analyze why each one is so important:

Be interesting

Whether you‘re trying to be charming or not, being interesting is a common attribute to a charming man with charisma. Being interesting is the opposite of boring, but simply not being boring isn’t enough. You can’t fake being an interesting man, but you can master it and eventually will become who you really are. To be interesting you will have to have a cluster of other sub-characteristics.

How you present yourself, the way you talk-both the tone of your voice and the context of your sayings- and how you react to things. All these play a role in how interesting you come across. To be interesting, try to be calm under pressure. When you‘re having a conversation, try to present a new idea-your perspective on things-and do so without trying to make the other person agree with your views. State your opinion and be firm in your beliefs.

An interesting person is unique, and this includes his take on things. When you‘re speaking, practice using a deep voice. Be relaxed yet direct in your delivery. It’s important to be open to discussion and listening to other people’s points of view. Being hard-headed and difficult to talk to isn’t interesting, or charming.

Be interesting by creating interest. When sharing a story or discussing a topic on which you have a different point of view, focus on delivering fact-based information and let the person listening know why you have a valid point. This works well with women, women love when a man speaks and knows what he’s talking about. She’ll love that you go against the norm, and “have the balls” to defend a less popular opinion. Your own opinion.

Be positive

Make it a habit to be optimistic and a positive person. Give credit where it’s due and compliment people. Be the one to lift people’s spirits and spread kindness. Being in a positive state of mind has proven to decrease cortisol levels and get the brain to produce serotonin. When serotonin levels are normal, the person feels happier. Once you have the ability to make those around you happier, you will come across as positive.

Be funny

Not the goofy type, but a serious man with a good sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to tell a joke or a funny story. When you want to come across as more charming, keep in mind that being charming and the life of the party are two different things. Tell jokes that have a twist and are clever (stay clear from knock-knock jokes). When you‘re trying to tell a funny joke, leave the punchline for the end. Your story will sound more interesting and funny when there’s an unexpected twist at the end. Do this when you want to work on your storytelling skills as well.

Be a charming talker

Be good with words and know which words to use when you‘re talking to a woman. Words are powerful and can induce different emotions, depending on which words you use. If a specific word has more of a negative meaning, use a different one that better describes what you want to say. When you want to come across as charming, use playful words to tease and compliment a woman. How you structure your sentences, statements, or compliments matters as well.

You want to put some “color” in your speech and use words to connotate a specific feeling. Take the time to study confident men. Think of a celebrity whose charm you admire. Examine his behavior, use of words, and tone of voice in his interviews or when talking to other people.

Be mysterious

While charming men can be an open book, a little mystery goes a long way to seducing women. When you have thoughts that you keep to yourself, women will naturally want to know what you‘re thinking. This creates a playful yet challenging task for them to know who you are and what’s going on in your head. When you‘re first meeting a woman, don’t feel the need to tell her everything there is to know about you. When she feels she already knows you well, you risk her losing interest. It is human nature to be curious and want to explore the unknown, and women are no exception.

Be manly

You‘re not required to have testosterone oozing out your ears to be charming, but be a man. Hide your insecurities, stop being so sensitive, and learn how to fix a thing or two. Women love a man who’s in control and dominating his emotions. Knowing how to work with your hands and fix things is something they find sexy, too.

How to charm a woman over text and online

woman texting and smiling

Knowing how to talk to women and be charming over text is a skill every charming man ought to have. Sending her texts that are fun, engaging and memorable are key to making her smile, while making you come across as engaging and charismatic. These are the ways to charm a woman over text, and raise her interest level every time you press “send”:

Be playful

The texting platform isn’t where you want to have a serious discussion. Avoid talking about important topics or discussing anything in-depth until you meet in person. Have those talks over the phone if you must. Use texting as a quick way to communicate with the girl, and as an opportunity to send short sweet, and playful messages.

Be random

Get in the habit of sending her unexpected texts. A mistake a lot of guys make is to text the girl during certain hours in a day, or right as soon as she sends a text herself. Predictability kills attraction. A charming man does not send a “good morning” text every morning each day. This becomes routine and routines are boring. Instead choose to go silent for the most part of the day. Then, send a text telling her about a funny thing you saw or a random thought that came to mind that you wanted to share.

Be careful with the jokes

Intentions are often misunderstood in the form of a written word. When you send a text that is meant to be a joke, you risk making things awkward, if she doesn’t get it or doesn’t find it funny. The best time to tell jokes is in person. When you can actually see the person and how they respond to it. It is much less awkward to explain a joke in person, too.

Don’t double text

Neediness is yet another thing that kills attraction. To be a charming man means to be confident. When you send many text messages without having received a response to the initial one is a big no-no. Do not use texting as a way to communicate back and forth; instead, send a text whenever you feel like it. Don’t do it expecting a response-at least right away. Also, avoid responding to her texts right away. By responding as soon as she texts, you are not only being predictable but you give her reasons to believe you have nothing better to do.

You don’t want her to think you’re on your phone all the time. Charming men have a life, man.

Text to plan dates

You don’t want to be yet another person in her contacts available to text with when she’s bored. Limit texting to short messages that will make her smile and become more interested in you. Don’t text to occupy your time. When you start typing out your whole life’s story not only you become less mysterious and boring-you will have nothing to talk about when you do meet. Text with the intent to end the conversation with plans to meet in person.

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How to be charming without saying a word

With your smile

You‘re better looking when you smile (ever wondered why we smile for the camera?). Smiling helps you come across as relaxed, sincere, and positive. With your happy face on, you will feel happy and those around you will too. A charming smile is one that is genuine, so don’t force it or it will look fake. Don’t forget to smile with your eyes, too. Especially when you‘re wearing a face mask.

With your eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. They also serve as a giveaway to your emotions and what you‘re feeling at the moment. So be aware. When you‘re not feeling confident, the woman you‘re trying to charm will know. She will see it in your eyes and that’s a charm-killer. Don’t forget to use your eyes to flirt. Use them to maintain eye contact, which is a way to let someone know they have your attention. Don’t maintain eye contact for too long or you will appear creepy.

Body language

Body language is a huge indicator of confidence, which is charming. Keep your body language in check and make sure you come across as relaxed, friendly, and secure. Work on your posture, uncross your arms, and puff out your chest. This gives the illusion of confidence and masculinity. When on a date, it’s common to sit across from a woman (or anyone) when you ‘re having a conversation. But sitting next to her, side by side, will make you appear more friendly and will help build intimacy.

Smell good

The smell is one of the 5 senses you should use to be more charming. This is something that’s often overlooked, but nice smells leave a good impression on people and are memorable. When you‘re looking for ways to be more charming, don’t forget to smell good. In addition to having good hygiene, find a cologne or body spray that complements your personality and makes you feel comfortable. A surefire way to be charming and enticing is to smell, irresistibly, good.

Your actions

Lastly, watch your actions. This can vary from keeping your promises-which makes you trustworthy, to holding the door open, which makes you a gentleman. Having good manners, confidence in your behavior, and acting as a responsible man are all 3 key ingredients to coming across as more charming.

How to charm a girl into liking you

Let’s be honest. It is not guaranteed you will make a girl like you by being more charming. Especially when we are talking about one girl in particular that you have an interest in. This is like asking “Can I make her like me if I start dressing well?”. The answer to this is: it depends. It all comes down to personal preference, and if you are what she is looking for. Regardless of how charming you are, there might be a major deal-breaker for her. In that case, there’s not much you can do.

Knowing how to be charming will make you more attractive to women. This means you will have more women interested in you. Being confident and charismatic will open doors to more romantic opportunities. Be charming and more women will come knocking on yours.

Final Words

Charm and confidence go hand in hand, and they are both must-haves to improving yourself as a man. They are the “weapons” to have in your arsenal and the reason women will find you more attractive. It is far more important, though, to be comfortable in who you are. Don’t try to charm women in any way that isn’t “you”. Learning how to be more charming with women is a process. With practice and the right mindset, you will be reaping the benefits of a new personality. You will notice developments in your love life and romantic connections. And an increase in the number of women you can call admirers, too.

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