How To Dominate a Woman Emotionally and In Bed

Society is shifting towards a power equilibrium between men and women. While this isn’t a bad thing, some men feel the need to be the dominant personality in the relationship. If you feel your dominance starting to slip and want to know how to dominate a woman, there are a few ways that you can increase your dominance.

The key to demonstrating male dominance in a relationship is to be confident, supportive and to continue bettering yourself. Manipulation of physical dominance is unhealthy and will lead to resentment.

Submissive woman kneeling next to dominant man sitting on chair

In this article, we will help break down the keys to becoming the dominant partner in the relationship, as well as help you learn how to dominate a woman by transferring that dominance into the bedroom.

How to Dominate a Woman Emotionally

It’s important to emphasize that physical dominance or manipulation is an unhealthy way to express dominance over a woman. If a woman is afraid of you or resentful you are not truly being a dominant figure.

Instead, the best way to be dominant is ironically to be the absolute best version of yourself possible. If a woman respects and admires you, then you will have the ultimate control over the relationship.

Always Keep Improving Yourself

When a woman asks for your help she is essentially admitting that she’s inferior to you in whatever she’s asking help for. There’s no better way to show your dominance than being good at something she is bad at. If you’re good at most things, then she is going to feel like you are the dominant figure in the relationship.

You should always aim to keep improving yourself that you are better at things than your partner. If you begin to become complacent, then the power equilibrium will begin to balance.

Be Confident

Confidence is key to demonstrating dominance over a woman. If you aren’t confident in yourself, then how could a woman see you as a dominating individual?

If you aren’t naturally confident, then take steps to build your self-confidence. If a woman sees you as a confident individual, then she will not doubt that you are the dominating figure.

Be Supportive

As strange as it may seem, being supportive is another way to express male dominance. In order to be the dominant person in the relationship, the submissive individual needs to trust you to take care of them. Therefore, if you are supporting your partner will step into the submissive role, while you can be the dominant individual.

Man holding a woman's head and looking into her eyes

Become Irreplaceable

To become a truly dominant male, you need to get to the point where your partner feels like she is unable to replace you. You achieve this by becoming a high-value person exhibiting the following traits:

  • Strong listening skills
  • Expressing interest in your partner’s life
  • Expressing empathy
  • Good companionship

If you become an individual that a woman can truly rely on, then you have achieved dominance and can influence her and the relationship.

How To Dominate a Woman Sexually

One of the best things about being a dominant male is bringing that same energy into your sexual relationship. Here are a few keys to maintaining a fun and safe dominant relationship in the bedroom.

Maintain Emotional Dominance

For sexual dominance to occur it is key that you maintain emotional dominance in your relationship. It won’t feel natural for you to dominate your woman in the bedroom if you are beta in the relationship.

Get Consent Before You Start

You should discuss your partner’s limits before engaging in sexual activity. Nothing kills the mood more than if you have to pause to ask if your partner is okay with something or if you start doing something that is a turn-off for your partner.

You don’t have to go into explicit detail and ruin the fun of spontaneity, but you should have a good understanding of any hard limits.

Start Slow

You don’t want to go from plain, vanilla sex to sex dungeon in one fell swoop. Slowly introduce new forms of dominance into your sexual relationship. Start with a new toy or hair pulling to ease the transition.

Maintain Eye Contact…Or Don’t

One way to exert sexual dominance over your partner is to maintain eye contact with them. It shows that you have complete control over them and are not afraid to show it.

Alternatively, command your partner to not look at you at all. This is a fun way of showing dominance and will make them feel submissive almost immediately.

Man in suit dominating woman in mask and handcuffs

Command, Don’t Ask

As long as you’ve discussed limits beforehand, you should not ask your partner to do you anything. You are in control and you should command them to do whatever pleases you.

Giving commands like “take off your shirt” and “lick this” helps establish dominance in a more physical way.

Talk Dirty

If your partner is into it add some dirty talk. Don’t be afraid to call them a slut or tell them to fuck you harder. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

Give Positive Affirmations

On the other side of things give positive affirmations when they do something good. If she follows your command or puts extra effort into something don’t be afraid to tell her that she’s a good girl.

Use Honorific

A good way to set the mood is to use honorifics. Have the submissive call you “daddy” or “master to really help set the mood.

Embrace Role Playing

Even if you are emotionally dominating a female, it may be difficult to take on that dominant role in the bedroom. One of the best ways to do so is by doing role-play situations. Some common types include slave and master, doctor & patient, landlord & tenant, or boss and secretary. Assuming an authoritative role can help put you in the dominant position.

Try New Toys

Bondage toys, vibrators, butt plugs, etc… are great for helping you gain and maintain dominance. Slowly introduce new toys over a period of time. Once your collection grows you can rotate toys in and out to keep things fresh.

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