How To Entertain a Girl And Keep Her Interested

Put your clown shoes and fluffy red nose away.  Entertaining a girl is not what it sounds like.  How to entertain a girl is all about finding ways to keep her interested.  It’s about maintaining her excitement and curiosity to a level where she will want to continue seeing you.  Her being entertained is a by-product of you having an awesome personality and knowing how to be fun around a woman. 

How To Entertain A Girl

● Joke Around
● Flirt a Little
● Be Spontaneous
● Plan a Fun Date
● Be Yourself

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Joke Around

Most people like humor and joking is one of the best ways to entertain a woman. Share something funny you heard, read, or witnessed. Tell her an embarrassing story from your past or tease and “make fun” of her. Laughing together creates good memories and builds a stronger connection. When you have a good sense of humor, not only you come across as fun and entertaining, you project confidence, too. Women love all these characteristics in a man and the time they get to spend with such a guy.

Flirt a Little

Many guys are a little reluctant to push things forward and flirt. If your girl has expressed her interest in you, nothing is stopping you from flirting. Use compliments and be creative. Flirt as if you‘re joking with her, but with a romantic twist. Don’t overdo it or you risk coming across as desperate and disingenuous.

Be spontaneous

Women love spontaneity. When you initiate to do something fun at the spur of the moment, you come across as a naturally fun guy. Girls like to have fun and be surprised. Inviting them to an activity that’s both fun and unplanned is killing two birds with one stone. She will love that you take initiative, and aren’t boring.

Plan a Fun Date

Be spontaneous when it comes to dates too. Before you ask her out on a date, plan where you want to take her and what to do for the remainder of the evening. Nothing is less entertaining than going out on a date but running out of ideas of things to do. If it’s a dinner date, make sure it’s an exciting new restaurant with good food, if it’s an activity; make sure she will enjoy it as much as you will. Don’t be afraid to make your date with her a unique experience she will remember.

Be Yourself

Girls do not like guys pretending to be someone they are not. Let your personality shine through and be your charismatic self. Find ways to entertain her that are comfortable and interesting to you. Invite her to join you to do things you normally do on your own or with your friends.

How To Entertain a Girl Over Text

Texting has become the go-to way for communicating and keeping in touch. There are ways to entertain a girl when you are texting her and the same rules apply. In addition to being flirty, making jokes, being yourself and spontaneous, there are a few other ways to entertain a girl over text.

  • Keep your messages short: Reading a long block of text feels less like entertainment and more like a task. Save storytelling for when you meet in person and aim to send messages that are short and easy to read.
  • Ask her questions: Even though you should meet in-person to get to know her better, there are good questions you can ask her through text. Ask questions to keep her entertained and her interest level high. Keep the questions fun and lighthearted.
  • Be Playful: Another way to entertain a girl is by sending her quotes, memes and images that will make her smile. Avoid having deep conversations over text and keep things fun and playful.

If you want to entertain a girl, be funny and let your humorous side shine. Pick activities that you will both enjoy, tease her and don’t be boring or predictable. This means don’t plan everything out and don’t feel the need to ask for her permission to make plans. Women love a spontaneous man. Don’t forget to flirt a little, and above all, be genuine!

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