How To Flirt As A Guy: The Technique Most Men Don’t Know About

The majority of guys are doing it wrong.  If you tend to avoid flirting with women, or if your flirting techniques haven’t worked in getting the women you want, you belong in this group of men.  That’s okay, you’re not alone.  How to flirt as a guy requires practice, confidence, and creativity.  It’s about timing and understanding of the concept.  Simply being flirtatious with a woman doesn’t make you good at it, just like scribbling a few lines on a piece of paper as a kid didn’t make you an artist. 

Has a woman ever brushed off your flirting by giving you a forced smile-then ignoring you?  That was her patting you on the head thinking you‘re adorable (and pathetic).  Let’s discuss how to flirt as a guy, and like a man. 

What Is Flirting? 

To be successful with flirting, you need to understand what it really is.  Flirting is a playful means of communication to let a woman know you are romantically interested in her.  The reason you should flirt instead of letting her know directly is that any potential for romance is based on feelings, emotions, and mate selection.  When you simply tell a woman you find her attractive, you are giving her a piece of information.  This is not exciting to women.  Instead, by flirting you are letting her know you‘re interested in a way that is emotionally arousing-the reason women get flattered. 

Being creative in your approach is important.  When you flirt the right way you exhibit ingenuity, and women are attracted to witty men.  In other words, flirting stimulates her romantic feelings, and when done right, generates attraction towards you making her more likely to pick you as her mating partner.

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How To Flirt As A Guy

Be original and work on your delivery.  Think of flirting as giving a present.  You want to make sure the gift is thoughtful, given at the right moment, and as a surprise.  You wouldn’t give a boring gift she has received in the past and say “Here you go”, so avoid using a silly pick-up line or common openers when you‘re flirting.   She has been hearing those silly lines for as long as she’s been alive and pretty. Be original.

Flirt in ways she will appreciate and avoid bringing up her looks and parts of her body.  Women prefer to be complimented on things they do by choice, rather than on the things they were born with.  Such things include her accomplishments, sense of humor, taste in fashion, etc.  So, instead of telling her how much you like her eyes, compliment her on something she’s wearing. 


Get Creative

Tell her something witty as a compliment.  Make sure you use the right words and pick the ones that have the best “ring” for what you’re trying to say.   Go ahead and tease her if you want, just make sure the way you flirt with her is appropriate.   

Let’s say you want to flirt by complimenting her earrings.  This is a good idea since they are an accessory that represents her style.  You know she loves her earrings because she’s wearing them. There are different ways you can compliment them: 

The boring way: “I love your earrings; they look great on you!”  

This line lacks creativity and originality.  This type of compliment she has heard many times before, both from guys trying to hit on her and from her friends at a girl’s night out when she happened to be wearing them.   

The creative way: “I like the detail on those earrings and the way they dazzle” 

By saying this, you‘re not only complimenting her earrings but her taste in fashion.  You’re letting her know you paid attention to something she’s wearing and gave her a compliment structured in a way she hadn’t heard before.  

The teasing way: ”I don’t know what type of men you’re attracted to that you’re still single, but you definitely know how to pick your jewelry. Those earrings are beautiful and go well with the rest of your outfit” 

She definitely didn’t think you were going to end up giving her a compliment.  You are almost making fun of her for not having found the right man yet, but you wanted to let her know her earrings, and outfit, are beautiful. You not only gave her a unique compliment, you subconsciously communicated that she should date you next. 

The sexual way: “Those earrings look great on you. But you should take ’em off once we ‘re at my place. Don’t want you looking for them in my bedsheets in the morning”.

This is obviously not a way to flirt with someone you just started talking to and haven’t built sexual tensions with.  You want to use sexual compliments to flirt with women that have shown interest and are willing to take things a step further. 

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How To Flirt As A Guy : Do’s And Don’ts 


  • Show Confidence (Read More Here
  • Be Charming (Read More Here
  • Be Cool (Read More Here
  • Ask Questions (Read More Here
  • Watch Your Body Language (Read More Here


  • Use Pick Up lines 
  • Flirt Excessively 
  • Appear Nervous 
  • Be Afraid 
  • Be Inappropriate 


  • To smile
  • Be creative
  • Look presentable

Flirting Tips For Shy Guys

As a shy guy, you have the tendency to avoid social interactions. Flirting with women is more like a phobia, a fear you wish you could overcome but you’re afraid your approach would be awkward-leading to failure. The thought of walking up to an attractive woman and striking a conversation makes your heart race.

If you ‘re shy, or introverted, there’s good news.

First, there are women that dig your personality type. The only time being shy is a deal-breaker is when it gets in the way of you going out, meeting, and flirting with women you like. It’s not the woman turning you down, it’s you not giving yourself the opportunity. Practice your flirting technique and force yourself to compliment and talk to women you meet. Make it a habit and keep practicing.

Secondly, you can flirt without the risk of being turned down. To lessen the chances of embarrassment, start flirting in ways that are within your comfort level. If the thought of telling her something clever makes you nervous, consider writing a note. Women love reading notes.

You don’t need to walk up to a random woman at a bar to break the ice and strike a conversation. As a shy guy, you can approach her differently. Instead of walking up to her, try to make and maintain eye contact for a short period of time. Use your body language to appear confident and don’t forget to smile. Once her response reveals she’s interested, simply go introduce yourself. The chances she will turn you down at this point are slim.

If you want to flirt with a woman you already know and have her number, compliment her over text and let her know how adorable she looked with her hair up in a bun the other day. It’s not too late to bring up something about her from the past. If anything, she will be surprised your noticed, and that you still remember.


Knowing how to flirt is a skill that requires you be creative.  In order to master it, you need to practice, and experiment with different techniques in your approach and delivery.   How to flirt as a guy means how can you let a woman know you are romantically interested without being direct-and boring.  

Remember to keep flirting lighthearted and entertaining to the woman on the receiving end.  Your goal is to flatter, and show you‘re a man with “style”.  Be charming when you talk, and use the right words to compliment and ultimately seduce her.  Avoid making mistakes like using common pick-up lines, and work on being a sweet talker with your own, original ideas.  

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