How To Get a Girlfriend In College (Easier Than You Think)

So you’re either in college or headed to college! Congrats! The college years are a big deal for most guys and many of them, like yourself, will wonder how to get a girlfriend in college.

You’ll be getting your first taste of real freedom mixed with some adult responsibility. This is even more true if you live on campus, and especially if you’ve moved to a different city or state. High school is in your rear-view mirror, where you may have been dealing with the same pool of local girls you’ve grown up with and known for years.

In college, you’re going to be surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of brand-new, attractive and interesting coeds, and you might want to date one or a whole bunch of them.

The question is, how do you meet women and how do you get a girlfriend in college?

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How Easy Is It To Get a Girlfriend in College?

It’s probably going to be a lot easier for you to get a college girlfriend than it was for you in high school. You will have an entirely new dating pool of college women from all walks of life at your fingertips. So many choices, so little time.

However, getting a girlfriend in college is going to take a bit of work on your part to wade through dozens and dozens of girls who are brand-new to you. You’re going to have to put yourself out there, meet people and do a lot of socializing to narrow down your potential matches.

We recommend you date a lot of women – the more, the better! College is a time for broadening your horizons and having new experiences, and it’s no different when it comes to dating.

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How To Get a Girl To Like You in College

You’re obviously not going to land a college girlfriend by sitting in your dorm room, playing video games and eating pizza with your roommate. You’re going to have to put yourself out there and in as many social situations as possible. Fortunately, college is largely about social interactions, so it shouldn’t be terribly difficult. 

Here are 4 things you can do to meet girls, and maybe get a girl to like you:

1. Go To Parties

Hey, it’s college. People are throwing parties all over the place. Whether it’s a fraternity party or in your neighbor’s dorm, chances are high that you’ll meet plenty of party girls. We’re not saying go and get sloppy drunk (we recommend you don’t, at least not all the time) but having a couple of drinks will definitely make it easier for you to chat a cute girl up.

2. Attend sporting events

Whether it’s a football, basketball or soccer game, you’ll be in the bleachers with hundreds of people and are likely to meet a bunch of them.

3. Join a club or two

We highly recommend this because whether it’s the debate team, the German language club, or a chapter of Future Business Leaders of America, you’ll meet women who share at least a few of your interests.

4. Get a Job On Campus

Whether it’s a part-time gig at the college bookstore or the college radio station, you’re putting yourself out there for hundreds of girls to meet.

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How To Approach Women in College

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but confidence is key when you’re trying to meet women, in the college world or anywhere else.

No girl is going to be attracted to a guy who stammers and mumbles and seems wimpy or unsure of himself. We know it’s tough, especially because a super-hot girl can be intimidating, but you need to approach with as much confidence as you can muster up. 

Try to be as casual and direct as possible. Don’t overplay it or approach her with arrogance or cockiness. Try to remember that even if you think she’s a 10, underneath it all she’s just another human being. Treat her as you would any friend you happen to run into.

It can be as simple as this: a pretty girl walking across campus catches your eye. Walk up to her (don’t run like a maniac and scare her off), and say, “Hey, you caught my eye and I’d like to get to know you better. Wanna grab coffee at the student union later?”

Here are a few other tips for how to approach college women:

Practice Being Social

If you’re really struggling with the confidence thing, we recommend you start out by talking to girls you’re not all that interested in, just to get practice. We’re not saying to get their numbers or to flirt with them. Just be friendly. Talk about some campus event or a class project you’re both involved with.

Practice makes perfect, and the more conversations you have with women, the better and more relaxed and confident you’ll become.

Find a Reason To Talk To a Girl You Like

If you’re lucky enough to have an attractive, interesting girl in your class, strike up a conversation with her. Ask her a question about a paper that the professor assigned or a lab project. Best case scenario, you’ll get a date or maybe even a girlfriend. Worst case, you’ll have a new friend in the class.

Talk To Her On Social Media

If you are just too shy to pull the trigger and ask her out in person, find out her social media handles and slide into her DMs on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. Since the vast majority of social interactions take place online these days, it’s a perfectly acceptable way to break the ice. Just don’t come off as a creeper.

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Why You Should Have a Girlfriend in College

There is something to be said for having a steady girlfriend in college, though it might not be for everyone. Maybe you’re attending a school far away from home, you don’t have any friends yet and you might be feeling lonely.

A girlfriend can definitely alleviate some of these feelings, though you should also make a serious effort to make some platonic friendships with both guys and girls.

Here are a few other reasons why it might be good for you to get a college girlfriend:

  • You’ll have steady companionship; someone to hang out with and talk to daily
  • You’ll have a regular sex partner
  • You’ll have someone to attend school activities with, like parties and sports events
  • If she’s a good girlfriend, she’ll motivate you to attend class regularly, keep your grades up, and help you to be an all-around better person
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Why You Shouldn’t Have a Girlfriend in College

On the other hand, there are definitely some pretty good arguments for staying single during your college years. Some of which are:

  • You get to play the field, date and have sex with a variety of different girls. Let’s face it, college is probably your first time to experience hundreds, even thousands of gorgeous and interesting women from all over the place. Do you really want to tie yourself down to one girl when opportunity is all around you? It’s like being a kid in a candy store and being told you can only have one kind of chocolate bar. Doesn’t sound that fun, does it?
  • You’ll have more time to hang out with your guy friends and do things generally considered a rite of passage in college. Going to parties, playing sports, joining a fraternity are all part of the college experience for most guys.
  • You’ll have lots more disposable income because you won’t constantly be spending money on dinners and date nights with a girlfriend. That means more beer and pizza for you.
  • You won’t have anyone to answer to. As college is generally an exciting time because it’s your first taste of freedom and not living under your parents’ roof, you’ll probably like not having to account for where you are or what you’re doing all the time. And that probably won’t be the case if you get a girlfriend.
  • You won’t have to deal with arguments, jealousy, drama or emotional crises that usually arise when you’re in an exclusive relationship. You already have your own problems and responsibilities as a college student; why would you want to take on someone else’s issues?

Whether you decide to cruise through your college career solo, date around, or think you’re a one-woman man and want to get a college girlfriend, we hope these tips and tricks give you some ideas and guidance.

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