How To Lose Feelings: 13 Ways To Get Over Her

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling that can turn into emotional suffering when the person you‘re in love with doesn’t feel the same. You go from being the happiest you‘ve ever been to feeling betrayed and depressed. It’s easy to start wondering what went wrong and blame yourself for things you did or could have done. You play out all the scenarios in your head and feel it’s your fault things didn’t work out. This makes it harder to get over someone you had feelings for because you believe you could have made it work. Instead of going back and thinking about everything that happened, realize that moving on is the best thing you can do. The key to getting over a break up is to have control of your emotions, think logically, and learn how to lose feelings

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How to lose feelings for someone

  • Go Ahead, Be Sad

Take your time to be sad and let it all out. Losing feelings and getting over a breakup will not happen overnight. Be aware that you will be feeling sad and depressed for a little while, and that’s ok. There’s no quick way to get over it, especially when you‘re a sensitive person. Being sensitive is the reason you can’t get over it and be unemotional in the first place. Embrace your feelings and take time to grieve.

  • Know it’s Temporary

You feel confused, depressed, or angry, but remember the pain is temporary. You didn’t expect things to end the way they did, especially if you were under the impression things were going great. It’s important to be optimistic and look for ways to recover so you can move on as soon as possible. Moving on will allow you to get ready for new and exciting romantic relationships that await you.

  • Talk To People

It helps to have someone to talk to about how you‘re feeling and what you‘re going through. Talk to friends you are comfortable with and who will understand you. Communicate how you feel to someone that will understand. It will make the process of getting over a breakup and losing feelings a lot easier. Talk to people you know who also have gone through painful breakups so you don’t feel you are alone.

  • Don’t Think About Her

Yes, it is easier said than done but you have to try. Avoid thinking about what could have been if your relationship with her was the way you had imagined. Keep yourself distracted, and when you catch yourself thinking of her, think of something positive. Thinking about things that make you happy will put you in a better mood.

  • Do Things you Enjoy

Find hobbies or activities that you enjoy. This will help you take your mind off of her while doing something that makes you happy. Now it’s a good time to start a new hobby or perfect an existing one. Ideally, you want to do things with other people like playing a team sport and participating in a group activity. Avoid being alone unless you can stay focused on the activity and not using this alone time to think about her.

  • Listen To Uplifting Music

Instead of listening to sad music or songs that remind you of her, listen to music that will make you feel good. A sad love song will not help you heal, so avoid listening to music that makes you depressed. Love songs that talk about breakups will put you in a bad mood, and it’s the nature of this genre to make you feel “down”. Instead, listen to uplifting music that will give you energy and you put you in good spirits.

  • Start Talking To Other Women

Don’t find other women to talk to hoping to start a new relationship in order to get over your last one. This will not work, and it isn’t fair to the girl you will be dating either. Avoid rebound relationships but do make new connections. Go out, meet people and talk to other women. Who knows, maybe you will meet another woman to make you forget about your last, but don’t force it.

  • Don’t Contact Her

You are tempted to reach out and see if you can work things out. Perhaps you want her to know how bad you feel and how she has hurt you. Don’t do this even when it sounds like the only way to heal your emotional wounds. Women don’t respond to emotional and weak men, and no woman will want to get back together out of mercy. Texting or calling her is the wrong move when you‘re trying to lose feelings and move on.

  • Go On Vacation

Change your environment by visiting a new place. Going on a mini-vacation will not only make you happier, but you’ll have cleared your head by the time you get back. It’ll help you lose feelings when you‘re feeling refreshed. Going on vacation is a good way to recharge and leave worries behind. When dealing with a breakup it’s something you should consider as a way to clear your mind.

  • Hang Out With Friends

Be with good company and around the people you feel close to. Going out with friends is a good opportunity to forget about the person that broke your heart. Only your friends know how to make you feel better and tell you what you need to hear. It’s easy to want to keep yourself in isolation while you figure things out, but let your friends see you. Hang out with them, and let them help you in any way they can. A good friend will help the process of getting over your ex and losing feelings for her.

  • Avoid Anything That Reminds You Of Her

It’s understandable to want to hold on to things that remind you of her. You love her and have made some great memories together, after all. One of the steps you need to take and stop having feelings towards her, is to get rid of everything that reminds you of her. This includes going to places that you used to go together.

  • Delete Her Number

Remove the temptation to call or text her by deleting her number. Knowing that you can’t contact will stop you from making that mistake. You will have no way to communicate with her as you shouldn’t. Additionally, consider deleting her from your social media for the same reason.

  • Be…Negative

If you can’t help being negative, at least do it in a way to benefit you. Think of all the negative things that happened in the relationship, and the things about her that used to bother you. Focus on the negatives to convince yourself-or realize-you‘re better off without her. Find reasons to justify wanting to lose your feelings and feel good about doing it.

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Last Words

With every relationship that ends, it’s important you learn something from it. Take your time, as long you need, and recover. Learn to love yourself again and work on becoming a better version of yourself. Put the past behind you and prepare for a new chapter in your life and your romantic endeavors. How to lose feelings for someone you love requires patience and willingness to move on. How you face a devastating event like a breakup will shape who you are as a man and your ability to overcome challenges.

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