How To Tell An Older Woman Wants You

So, you’re a young dude who’s looking to score with a cougar. A MILF. That is to say, you’re attracted to an older woman. But you’re a twenty- or thirty-something guy whose experience with mature females is limited or nonexistent.

While you’re attracted by her confidence and life experience, you may very well be intimidated by the same things. You don’t want to screw up this opportunity and come out looking like a foolish, immature little boy.

How can you tell whether the cougar of your dreams is into you as well? How can you tell an older woman wants you? Let us count the ways…

15 Signs An Older Woman Wants You

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She Looks at You

Not through you. Not past you. She makes direct eye contact with you. Women just don’t bother to look at men in whom they have no interest. If you catch her looking directly at you more than a few times, odds are good that this older woman wants you.

She Smiles at You

And I’m not talking a big old toothy grin. I’m talking about the subtle, sly, “come hither” smile that plays at the corner of her lips. You know, that “Mona Lisa” type of smile. The kind that makes your lustful heart do backflips in your chest.

She Touches or Plays With Her Hair

A definite sign that she’s flirting with you.

She Finds a Reason to Approach You.

She wants to talk to you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about the weather or the latest hit Netflix series. The important thing is that she is talking to you. Now’s your chance to lay on the charm.

She Wants to Look Good Around You

Signs an older woman wants you also include her taking extra care with her appearance. If she happens to be someone in your workplace, you may notice her with a new hairstyle, makeup or more revealing outfits designed to show off her best assets and entice you, little hopeful cub.

She’s Wants to Be Near You

Your MILF continues to find ways to be near you, to approach you, to spend time with you. People don’t hang around people they don’t enjoy being with (unless, you know, it’s a Thanksgiving dinner with family members and they’re forced to do so).

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She Asks You Questions

She asks you questions about yourself, including whether you have a girlfriend or are in a relationship. She’s trying to get to know you; to feel you out. She seems to hang on your every word.

She’s Open About Her Personal Life

She may divulge intimate details about her own personal life, including whether or not she is married or in a relationship.

She Compliments You

Signs an older woman wants you also include her paying you compliments. She may compliment your outfit, hair, or sense of humor.

She Asks For Your Opinion

She asks for your opinion on things and seems genuinely interested in your answers. Again, this is more of her finding reasons to chat you up.

She Touches You

She will find ways to touch you – a light touch on the arm, a hand briefly touching your shoulder, reaching over to brush hair out of your eye are all signs an older woman wants you.

She Wants To Keep In Touch

She will find a way to get your phone number or ask about how to contact you on various social media platforms.

She Will Find Excuses To Contact You

Once she does have your digits (or your Facebook or your Instagram or your LinkedIn profile), she will find reasons to text or call you. It doesn’t matter how contrived the reason is. She wants to be in contact with you.

She Wants To Hang Out

She may invite you to an event – a party, a concert, a play, a sporting event…the list goes on. If that isn’t a sign an older woman wants you, I don’t know what is.

She Will Tell You

She will flat out tell you she’s interested. That’s largely the appeal of an older woman for most younger men. They aren’t game players like a lot of younger women. They’re confident and know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it.

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These ladies have been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt. After all, isn’t that why you find this older woman so irresistibly sexy and alluring?

Okay, cubs-in-training. Now that you know all of the signs an older woman wants you, it looks like the ball is most definitely in your court.

Let’s talk next about some theoretical situations and how you are going to act, so that you’ve got your cougar nearly in the bag!

Signs An Older Married Woman Likes You

What are the signs an older married woman wants you? Go back and take a reread of the list above. Some, any, or all of these behaviors may be exhibited by an older married woman, with the exception (and possible complicating factor) that some other man has already put a ring on it.

The object of your desire may be open and honest about being married. In fact, depending on how much communication has already happened between the two of you, she may have told you details about her marriage.

Maybe she isn’t happy in the marriage. Maybe her husband sucks in bed and she’s not having her sexual needs met (which is probably a given; otherwise, why would she be so clear about her attraction to you?).

Conversely, she may not be quite so forthcoming about her marital status if she is trying to have a fling with you. She may attempt to hide the fact by not mentioning her husband at all; or even by removing her wedding band, if she wears one.

In any case, if an older married woman is showing serious interest in you, it seems she has already made up her mind regarding having an affair. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be “the other man” – or the other boy toy, not to put too fine a point on it.

In any case, watch your back. Hubby probably won’t take too kindly to the fact you’re banging his wife. A word to the wise is sufficient.

how to tell an older woman wants you

How To Tell An Older Woman You Want Her

Part of the beauty of trying to get with an older woman is that you may not have to tell her at all. She may beat you to the punch, being that older women are usually pretty direct about what they want and how to go about getting it.

“Cougars” are less likely to play “hard to get” or to play head games regarding dating and sex. Especially if she’s already been giving you very clear interest signals like those on the list above.

You may very well be completely seduced by her and could be in bed having the time of your life with your older woman before you know what hit you.

However, she may want you to do some of the pursuing, in order to make her feel extra desirable. In this case, you are truly going to have to put your big-boy pants on. You’ll have to summon up all the confidence you can muster with the seasoned object of your desire.

This woman is likely to be unimpressed by you taking her out for pizza and a movie, like you did with your high-school and college girlfriends. Try to approach her with a bit of class and subtlety. Plan an “adult” date, if it’s in the budget.

Take her to an upscale restaurant, a wine bar, a play or concert that isn’t too loud, and let the evening play out with lots of intelligent conversation. Compliment her often, laugh at her jokes. Tell her she looks beautiful and desirable. Tell her she’s intelligent and worldly. Tell her how attracted you are to her.

Don’t be rude or crude – that’s what high school and college kids do.

Then, sit back and wait for her reaction. If things have gone smoothly and she seems receptive, go in for the kill.

Kiss her with confidence and passion. The rest of the evening will write itself.

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How To Attract An Older Woman

One of the reasons older women are attracted to younger men is just that: their youth. It’s your fresh face, your athletic muscular young body that she’s imagining herself in bed with.

So don’t try too hard to appear older than you are. Use your youth to your advantage. Dress well but maintain a sense of youthful style. Be well-groomed and showered.

Practice coming across as intelligent and well-read, knowledgeable on current topics and world events, so you have something to talk about.

After all, a handsome face and body without substance will only get you so far. Be genuinely interested in her. Give direct eye contact. Be engaging and interesting. As mentioned before, plan an “adult” date as a prelude to your evening. Perhaps bring her flowers.

And it will probably go a long way with your older woman if you display some old-school manners, like opening doors for her, pulling out her chair – you get the idea.

All right, cougar hunters! You are fully armed with all the knowledge you need to bag your older woman. Now get out in that jungle.

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