How to Woo a Girl: Top 10 Ways To Win Her Over

In the era where pickups are standard, wooing a girl is a lost art. Hitting on a girl with pick-up lines and trying too hard to impress her is pretty straightforward. You will be one of the boring guys using the same old techniques hoping to catch her attention when you go this route. But wooing her is more challenging. Once you know how to woo a girl, you will stand out from the crowd.

Wooing literally means “to seek the affection or love of someone”, but it is much more than that. You need to present yourself as a charming man that she can depend on and can’t help but fall in love with.

Getting a girl to be interested in you can be difficult and complicated. Find out the right way to woo her, and it will work out in your favor.

The early days are when a relationship is the most fun and exciting. You are attracted to her and want to make her happy. From flowers to chocolates, there are many gifts that can bring a smile to her face. But what she remembers is the little things that you do. And that’s what wooing is about.

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How To Woo a Girl

Be Confident

Your work is half done if you are confident. Confidence is the key to woo your woman. No girl likes a man with a blunt personality and hesitant in the moves he makes. It takes the spontaneity off and can be a turn-off.
Make sure you are confident and let it reflect in your personality. Some eye contact and proper body language will speak volumes.

Spend Time with Her

Contrary to what you may think, playing hard to get doesn’t work. It is an outdated technique that has many men fail when it comes to wooing. Unless she is infatuated with you, it might come off as being bratty.
You can easily win her heart by being an integral part of her life.

Chivalry isn’t Dead

Who says chivalry is dead? A simple deed like opening the door for her, being polite, and walking on the traffic side of the road will not go unnoticed.
While they seem insignificant, they are a deal-breaker when it comes to wooing a girl. Even though she can do those herself, it feels good when there’s someone else looking out for her.

When it comes to treating her well, if you can afford to pay, do so during your dates. Unless she insists on paying or going dutch, take it upon you to pay. It is not about the money; it tells her that you’re a gentleman that wants to take care of her.

Compliment Her

Take the time to compliment her. Compliments don’t cost anything and aren’t that much of an effort, but they can make a big difference. Bring a smile to her face and give her reasons to remember you.

Be Happy Around Her

With negativity, you aren’t conveying your interest in her. Instead, smile and be happy when you see her.
Smiling is the most beautiful thing, and people tend to gravitate towards those who smile. Project a happy vibe and be upbeat during your dates and when talking to her. Within a few dates, she should be projecting the same towards you.

Put Your Phone Down

Put down your phone and give her your attention. Be it a work email or a chat with your friend; it can wait until your date is over.
Checking your phone throughout the date indicates that you are most interested in your phone rather than her. Truth be told, your date may not even want to see you again if you’re constantly glued to your phone screen.

Introduce Her to Your Circle

Have you been on a few dates and ready to take it to the next level? Introduce her to your friends. She will love to get to know them and, by extension, you.
As a matter of fact, you can also get to know more about her when in a social situation rather than on a date when it’s all about you both.

Be Genuine

Do not fake who you are just to win a girl. It’s similar to catfishing, but with your personality. How to woo a girl has nothing to do with pretending to be someone you’re not.
Being authentic is such a rare quality that most women love men who are genuine and true to themselves.
You are not doing any good by faking your personality. Any woman with a keen eye can see right through it.

Be a Guy She Can Rely On

While you do not want to be a doormat, you want to be available when she needs help. Be willing to help her navigate difficult situations and she will subconsciously be wooed with your ability to guide, give advice, and offer a solution to her problem.

Win Her Love by Surprising Her

Women get excited with surprises and love expecting the unexpected. When you know when and how to surprise her, you will be earning yourself woo-worthy points in her book.

Go on a date: Invite her for a date she didn’t know you were planning. Make it special and let her know you want to take her somewhere she will enjoy-and all you ask from her is to get ready and meet you on time.

Choose the location: Let your imagination run wild: Every date can be a unique experience in itself; It may be a park the first time around but a shooting range the next time. Don’t be afraid to have different ideas for a date and mix it up each time.

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How To Woo A Girl


Wooing a woman is a lost art. While there is no universal single method, knowing the customary code of a gentleman is a must. Giving compliments and being creative and chivalrous can work towards building an intimate relationship and woo the girl in the process.

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