If a Girl Tells You About Her Personal Life (What It Means)

You’ve met a cool girl and you seem to be hitting it off really well. She seems to want to share lots of details about her personal life with you. The more she shares with you and the better you get to know her, the more into her you are. You start to wonder if this is a sign she’s also into you. What does it mean if a girl tells you about her personal life?

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Does she see you as another friend, or is there a deeper meaning to her words? Is she trying to show you that she likes you in a “more than friends” way? Stay tuned while we dive in to uncover the truth.

What Does it Mean?

If a girl starts to share details of her personal life and open up to you about her past, it means she likes talking to you and feels safe and comfortable enough around you to fill you in on her life. The fact that you listen to her without being critical or judgemental is a good sign.

Being able to open up to someone and trusting that you won’t betray her can have a very soothing effect on her and make her feel good when she’s around you.

When a girl tells you about her personal life in detail, she’s really looking for a connection with you. She wants to share details of her life with the hopes that you will relate and empathize with her. She considers you a trustworthy guy and she wants to befriend you, at the very least.

But does she want more than that? That’s the big question.

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This girl talking about her personal life doesn’t necessarily want a romantic relationship with you. There’s a good chance she does, but we want to prevent you from rushing in headlong and expecting too much out of your connection, too soon.

If this girl seems upset or anxious about her life when she’s sharing with you, take that as an especially important sign to not move on her too quickly. She is probably not looking for a boyfriend, just a sympathetic listening ear and someone she can vent to.

Some of the best romantic relationships have started with friendship. You’ve probably heard a saying that romantic love is essentially “friendship caught on fire.”

That’s because being friends first is a healthy way to get to know someone, and sets a great precedent for any romantic involvement that follows.

What Does it Mean When She Talks About Her Problems?

Here’s a short list of what your crush could be thinking when she discusses her problems with you:

  • She needs a confidante
  • She needs a connection and a sympathetic ear
  • She thinks you are a good listener
  • She wants sympathy and reassurance
  • She trusts you and thinks of you as a friend

In this case, you shouldn’t mistake her willingness to unload all her problems on you as romantic interest. It’s quite possible she just views you as a trusted friend and someone who can help her get things off her chest. You know…the dreaded “friend zone.” Right where you don’t want to be.

We’re not saying that is always the case, but we caution you that it could very well be. So don’t go rushing out to buy the engagement ring just yet. Keep listening to her if this is a girl you’re really into.

Pay attention to the subtle verbal and physical cues she gives to determine whether she sees you as a potential romantic partner, or just a friendly ear and sounding board.

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What Does it Mean When She Talks About Her Family?

If this girl talks to you about her family or pets, she probably wants you to know them and associates you with them, or is indicating that she is either a) very close to her family or b) is having problems with her family and feels the need to unburden herself.

If she talks about her family in a positive way, she could be indicating that she is envisioning bringing you home to meet them one day – which is usually a sign that she sees herself being in a relationship with you. But again, not always.

What Does it Mean When She Talks About Her Ex and Past Relationships?

When you’re romantically interested in a girl, probably the last topic of conversation you want her to bring up is her relationships with ex-boyfriends. Talk about a buzz-kill! It could be significant, or it could mean nothing.

If you two don’t know each other well, she may just be nervous and looking to keep the conversation flowing, and says whatever pops into her mind. If it was a serious long-term relationship in her past, it’s probably difficult for her NOT to talk about her ex at all, simply because she spent so much time with them.

It’s totally normal in the course of a conversation to tell you things about herself, and that includes her past dating history.

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You might not want to read too much into it. Unless, of course, if she is talking about how much she misses a certain person or even gets visibly upset when talking about them.

Then you can be pretty sure she is not yet over him, and shouldn’t get your hopes up about a romantic relationship with her.

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In some cases, it’s true that girls who talk about their exes all the time may still have feelings and might not be over their past relationships. But that is not always the case. Listen carefully to try to determine whether she speaks positively or negatively about past relationships.

It could just be her wanting you to know about her history and being honest – which is a good thing.

Once you and the girl have spent more time together and start making your own memories with each other, you may notice that she starts talking less and less about her exes and past relationships.

That means she is looking forward to the future – and it might possibly include you.

If she tells you all about her past and how she has been hurt in past relationships, it’s a sign that she trusts you with her dating history and perhaps wants a real relationship with you.

She is showing you her emotions and vulnerability and may be telling you she’s hopeful that you won’t act as her ex-boyfriends did.

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What Does it Mean When She Shares Secrets?

It’s tough to read a woman’s mind. If she is sharing her personal secrets with you, she might be hinting that she is into you and is testing the waters to see if the two of you could possibly be a couple.

On the other hand, she might just be a very truthful and open girl with good communication skills, and she might just see you as a good friend and a sounding board. She might be completely unaware of your romantic interest in her.

As mentioned, it’s tough to read a girl’s cues, as they are generally more subtle than a guy’s. You’re going to have to pay close attention to her body language if she doesn’t just tell you outright that she is interested in you as more than just a friend.

Most girls won’t be so blunt and obvious about their interest in you. So pay close attention to the non-verbal signals she gives you.

When a girl is romantically into you, she will do things like touch her hair, lips, or chest. She will lean into your conversation and may touch you periodically on the arm or shoulder. She will probably smile a lot, and her eye contact with you will be prolonged and intense.

Take note of these signals, and use your intuition. Over time you will be able to discern whether she wants to be with you or not.

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Final Thoughts

If you take all of what we have said here into consideration, you’ll understand that a woman talking to you about her personal life is almost always a good sign.

If a girl tells you about her personal life, it proves she’s starting to be comfortable with you. You’re making her feel better about herself and having your company and friendship.

Friendship will strengthen the foundations of your relationship, which can set the pace for a great and healthy romantic relationship. Just be careful not to spend too much time building the foundation.

Make sure you’re both on the same page and want to eventually build something together.

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