Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold: Why You Should And How-To

Knowing how to react when a girl goes cold, is a reflection of your character as a man. When a woman goes cold, weak guys with no emotional strength will continue to chase instead of be ignoring her when she goes cold.

They’ll demand an explanation and will be eager to make “things right”, even if her becoming distant wasn’t their fault.

These types of guys are what we call simps, and simps are undesirable. They lack confidence and prioritize the woman’s needs and desires over their own. A man with self-respect will start ignoring her when she goes cold.

Ignoring her when she goes cold is how you show that you don’t need her in your life. You’re letting her know you‘re capable of moving on without her. When you stop chasing a woman that goes cold, you raise your self-worth as a man. You become more desirable by coming across as a high-value man that respects her decision to be left alone.

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Give her time and space. Let her reevaluate her decision and figure out what it is that she wants. Doing this will increase the chances she’ll warm up to you again.

Why You Should Be Ignoring Her When She Goes Cold

As you’re probably aware, people want things they can’t have. This is true not only for material things but attention from other people. In other words, when we feel an attraction towards someone, and it’s not reciprocated, we are at least bothered if not heartbroken.

Think about the fans of celebrities who go to extremes for an autograph or a picture with their idol. A simple handshake with their favorite celebrity will make their day. People will go to great lengths to get attention from other people whose attention they seek.

The same is true when it comes to love and romantic relationships. When a guy has a crush on a woman, eye contact or a smile from her means a lot. Let alone striking up a conversation that goes well and results in getting her number.

The guy wouldn’t have the same excitement if the woman was “easy”, or below average in the looks department desperately trying to get a date with him.

It is the reason that you‘re reading this article and wondering if ignoring her when she goes cold is a way to get her to warm up to you again. You are bothered that she’s distant, and are looking for solutions. Her pulling away is a sign she doesn’t care for you, and now you want her even more.

But what happens when the tables turn?


Play And Beat Her At Her Own Game. Go Cold Yourself. 

When you stop chasing women, you automatically become more desirable. Subconsciously, women are starting to see you as a high-value man. When you don’t chase women, you are “above them” and better than that.

Doing so will pique their curiosity and they’ll be more inclined to want to talk and spend time with you.

Knowing how to handle her going cold proves you‘re better than most desperate men who would have reacted differently. All of a sudden you are a better, more desirable man than she initially thought.

When you stop obsessing over a woman that went cold, you are no longer an option for her. You’ve made yourself not (as) available. When you ignore her, you’re showing her that you are moving on and focusing on other women or other aspects of your life. The way you react to her becoming distant will play a major role in her reconsidering her decision.

How To Ignore Her When She Goes Cold 

There are a number of ways to ignore her while maintaining your masculine frame. Don’t start ignoring her out of spite for her ignoring you. The point is to start ignoring her when she goes cold because you see no benefit in chasing her.

This is the message you want to send: You have chosen to ignore her so you can focus on other things, not because you’re butthurt.

In other words, play it cool.

So, how exactly can you get that message across?

  • Ignore her, but don’t overdo it. Respond if she asks a question, but don’t use it as an opportunity to force a conversation.
  • Don’t respond every time or as soon as she messages you. Make her wait for your response and don’t feel obligated to respond to every message you receive from her.
  • Keep contact to a minimum, and don’t act desperate. If you ask her how her day is going, she might say she has plans to go out later. A simple “that sounds fun” is enough, don’t try to find out where she’s going and who’s going with her.
  • Let her know you have a life too. In the event that she asks about your plans for the day, say you plan on spending time on a project you‘re working on or going out with friends. Keep your responses vague and as if it’s none of her business.
  • Don’t look for excuses to talk to her. This is a childish approach and she will see right through you. Avoid initiating contact for no reason where the sole purpose is to get her to talk.
  • Move on. If she went cold on you to a point that she doesn’t initiate to talk anymore, simply move on. Especially when you rarely talk and her responses are dry or has your messages left on “read”. That’s a sign she’s emotionally unavailable and you‘re wasting your time.

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How Does A Girl Feel When Ignored 

Honestly, who cares? She has made a choice to go cold on you, and you ignoring her is a consequence of her action.

If her becoming distant was a way for her to play it hard to get, then ignoring her when she goes cold will likely backfire and will make her chase after you. This is assuming she is interested in you. Ignoring her will make her regret her decision and you‘ll notice her slowly trying to get your attention again.

If she isn’t sure about you, ignoring her will at the very least make her question if she has made the right choice. As mentioned earlier, people want things they can’t have. Making yourself unavailable by ignoring her is likely to make her want you more than if you were to be chasing her.

If the girl has no interest in you, then “leaving her alone” is a big relief for her. Ignoring her after going cold shows that you respect her decision and aren’t one of those guys that wouldn’t leave a woman alone after rejection.

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Knowing how to respond when a woman stops showing interest in part of becoming a man that knows how to handle rejection. Even though when a woman goes cold doesn’t necessarily mean she’s rejecting you, it is a surefire sign that she’s just not sure about you.

You’re only making things harder for both of you by chasing her down. When you keep asking for an explanation, demanding her attention, and refusing to leave her alone it’s bad for everyone involved. For her, because she won’t know how to get rid of you, and for you, because you’re wasting your time and acting like a man who lacks self-respect.

Acting in this way will keep you from developing an abundance mindset. You will be conditioned to feel inferior to women and engage in behaviors that no woman finds attractive.

Giving a woman space is the best way to deal with her going cold. Ignoring her is the best approach and the only option to get her to change her mind about you if that’s your intent. Do not wait around expecting a woman to warm up to you when she goes cold. Focus on other areas of your life that make you happy and a better man, instead.

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