My Ex Girlfriend Blocked Me On Everything! (How To Respond)

You had a bad fight, or maybe even a breakup with your girlfriend. You’re hoping she will cool down and you’ve given her a few days before you try to reach out and patch things up with her. However, you’ve tried texting or calling her, and your calls are going straight to voicemail. You can’t find any trace of her on social media, either. It suddenly dawns on you, “She blocked me. She blocked me on everything!”

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There’s no way to contact her. You’re shocked and hurt – this has never happened before. You’ve always been able to work things out. You probably have no idea how or why it happened. Or maybe you do have an idea, but you don’t know what to do about it.

What Does It Mean?

When your ex blocks your phone number and blocks you on all forms of social media, it’s a pretty crystal-clear signal. She is basically telling you that she doesn’t want you in her life anymore. She’s telling you that she is moving on or is at least attempting to.

At the very least, she wants time and space apart from you, and doesn’t want any interaction with you.

However, blocking a person can have a multitude of meanings. Sometimes your ex may simply be playing hard to get and is actually hoping that you will chase after her. But that’s not usually the case.

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Possible Reasons Your Ex Girlfriend Blocked You On Everything

She Is Over You

Whether she dumped you for a guy she likes better, you weren’t good in bed, or you were a needy stage-five clinger, she is simply done with you, and she has blocked you for good.

You Were Stalking Her

You’re constantly texting her, calling her, or commenting on her Instagram/Snapchat/TikTok posts. She is annoyed at your attempts to prevent her from moving on with her life. She may not want to block you, but you’re like an annoying fly who just won’t take the hint.

Don’t be the “crazy ex-boyfriend,” and avoid harassing her or calling her names. Otherwise, you may find yourself the not-so-lucky recipient of a restraining order.

Her Family and Friends Don’t Like You

Women often feel a great deal of social pressure, and their love lives are no different. This is particularly true of women with children.

If a woman is constantly feeling the need to choose between her family and a man she’s dating, the kids are going to ultimately come first (at least they should).

And if her kids don’t like you, guess what? You are out of luck. And will probably be blocked.

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She Can’t Stand Seeing You Moving On

If she broke up with you because she still loves you but you’re not good for her, or her family and friends dislike you, she’s going to have a tough time seeing the guy she still cares for living his best life on social media.

It’s an “out of sight, out of mind” concept, and it rarely works – aren’t we all tempted to check up on our exes? – but it’s her way of attempting to gain control of the situation.

She’s Just Angry

Lots of women, especially more immature ones, will block you out of spite if you’ve had a bad argument or fight. She knows that she’s just being petty and has every intention of unblocking you as soon as her anger subsides.

It could be a matter of days, or even hours before she unblocks you. In this case, blocking and unblocking you with regularity is a manipulation tactic she’s using to try to exert some control over you (and to drive you crazy in the process).

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“She Blocked Me, What Should I Do?”

Your ex-girlfriend has blocked you, and you feel helpless and frustrated. How should you handle this?

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Play With Her Rules

And make yourself a promise that you will never reach out to her ever again.

Of course, when you’re hurting and lonely, this is much easier said than done. But trust us on this: Not reaching out to her is much more powerful than reaching out.

If you keep desperately attempting to contact her through any avenue she hasn’t yet blocked you on, it’s going to make you seem weak and needy, and will probably turn her off even more.

Make Her Believe It’s Her Loss, Not Yours

Even if you’re feeling shattered inside, you need to give the impression that you are living your best life without her.

In other words, fake it ’til you make it, dude.

There is a chance that she will get curious as to what you’ve been up to and will unblock you to check on you.

When she realizes that you haven’t let the breakup destroy your life, she might think that she made a mistake and want you back.

And then, the ball is in your court and you can decide whether you want to let her back. You’ve got the power, and that’s a pretty good feeling.

Give Her Time and Space Before Reaching Out

We don’t really recommend this, as a rule. However, if you are firmly convinced that your ex is indeed the one for you and you have your heart set on getting her back, at least allow some time to pass before attempting to reach out.

But go into it with the knowledge that she may very well not be at all interested in communicating or getting back together with you. Or even explaining why she blocked you in the first place.

It’s a risky move and you may end up getting your heart broken all over again. A word to the wise is sufficient!

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Psychology Behind Blocking Someone

Some would argue that blocking someone is an unnecessary, dramatic move that only a “crazy ex-girlfriend” would stoop to.

Sometimes it’s seen as an admission of weakness or cowardice; she blocked you because she couldn’t handle you or control you. A simple click of a button and – POOF – the problems and drama surrounding your relationship are gone.

But many times, blocking someone can actually be a form of self-care and even strength. It’s setting a physical boundary; drawing a line in the sand.

It’s choosing to see what you want to see on social media and choosing to avoid having to see things that anger or upset you.

An ex-girlfriend will block you on everything for one of three reasons:

  • To make sure she doesn’t “give in” and reach out to you, especially after a bad breakup
  • To stop receiving messages or calls from you
  • To move on with her life and not fixate on whether you are moving on with yours. Blocking you removes the temptation to stalk you on social media, to see how much fun you are having and especially whether you’ve met someone new

These are all valid reasons for blocking someone, but hopefully, you have had a chance to work things through with your ex before she blocked you instead of using blocking as a quick “escape hatch.”

If she suddenly blocks you with no explanation, you’re going to be left with questions and that frustrating feeling of having no closure.

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Will She Miss Me If She Blocked Me?

This is a tough question to answer; and one that completely depends on the reason why she blocked you in the first place.

If your ex deliberately blocked you to hurt you or because she just wants you totally out of her life, odds are pretty good she’s not going to miss you much. Or at least not enough to try to come back into your life.

On the other hand, if you know this girl has a history of blocking and unblocking you with regularity, she’s obviously using it as a manipulative game; a power trip designed to anger and frustrate you.

She may miss you, but deep down she knows it will only be a matter of time before she unblocks you.

Your ex may also miss you after blocking you because she loves you, but realizes your relationship isn’t working for whatever reasons, or her family and friends disapprove of her relationship with you.

She’s trying to make things “easier” on herself by not following you on social media and seeing your life unfold without her. (This rarely works, though…both women and men are tempted to follow their ex’s lives on social media, especially if your break-up happened recently.)

Is Blocking a Power Move?

While some people think that blocking is an immature move, in actuality it can be a power move. Few things send as strong a signal as blocking someone.

Once you break up with someone, it is often healthier to completely cut off contact and move on with your life, rather than to lurk in the shadows of your ex-girlfriend’s social media and torture yourself.

If your feelings for each other were strong, blocking you can be as difficult for her to do as it is for you to endure.

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We can’t control the actions of others; we can only control how we respond to them. It sucks, but it’s a fact of life. Your ex may have blocked you, but she is your ex for a reason.

Time does have a way of healing all wounds. Allow yourself some time to grieve the end of the relationship.

Keep getting out there, meeting new people, and keeping yourself as busy as possible to prevent yourself from moping around asking “Why did she block me?”

When you focus on what you can do to make your life more fulfilled and meaningful without your ex-girlfriend, you’ll see that things will fall into place sooner than later. And eventually, my kings, you will find your queen.

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  1. Hi,

    I am male 28 and my ex is female 24. We were together for 4 1/2 years 3 years being while I was in the army still. I’ll try to shorten up the beat I can it’s a long bit of events. Everything was going so well in my relationship we were talking about getting married then 2 major events happened in our relationship that probably caused the fire to start to burn. 1st event I was not able to come home even though after promising to come home to be my exes date at her brothers wedding due to me being forced to go on a deployment to Poland. 2nd major event that lit the fire to the start of our relationship breaking apart was the day I finally got out of the army while coming home my really close freind in the Army killed himself and I blame myself cause that same night he did the act I was on a phone call helping my ex through an issue she was having.

    I then became very depressed in which I coped with eating and playing video games. My ex never knew this cause I tried to deal with this myself but while living with eachother for 1 1/2 years of being out she finally called it quits when I got to the point of weighing 416lbs and was just plain lazy (mind you this was during the last bad year covid 2021 march) well I let her stay with me for another year cause I didn’t want her to be homeless during covid. That year I hoped we could get back together so I would begg and act real needy to get her back into my life. Well she moved out in 2022 and took everything we ever bought together with her including our two dogs. Well we stayed freinds till about after Thanksgiving in which i was still begging her and being needy for her to come back. In which I finally ticked her off due to her saying I threatened her and after trying to call her a few times to straighten things out she blocked me on everything except snapchat and email. (She did delete me off snapchat).

    It’s been almost 4 months since I was blocked by her. I found out through a mutual freind she has been seeing a guy and starting seeing him shortly before the month she blocked me. I’m doing good now I have been working on me and trying to develop myself into a better person. I read Robert gloves no more Mr nice guy and that has put my whole life into perspective now I know I am a nice guy and fit right into that saying. I have been going to the gym sometimes twice a day and so far I am down to 248lbs and have been on a really healthy diet and don’t drink or eat anything that’s high in carbs or greasy anymore. My question is there anyway for my ex to come back into my life so I have another shot with her and if so how do I get her to unblock me and give me another chance.

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