My Girlfriend Never Posts About Me On Social Media

Are you confused about why your girlfriend never posts about you on social media? Of course it’s not a requirement for a relationship, but can you think of people in your life who don’t have any social media accounts? There probably aren’t too many.

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If it seems like your girl is constantly posting, but nothing about your relationship, it’s understandable to feel hurt, suspicious, or even angry. 

You might be shocked to know that social media is one of the top reasons couples break up. An article published in The Huffington Post surveyed 1,000 people who had recently gone through a breakup. Not too surprisingly, 8% of those surveyed claimed that social media was a major contributor to the failure of their relationships. 

Is it OK To Not Post Your Relationship on Social Media?

There’s no law anywhere that we know of that says it’s a must to post about your blissfully-happy relationship all over social media. But it does seem to be the norm rather than the exception these days.

Most girls who are head-over-heels in happy relationships with their men are pretty fond of bragging about it all over Facebook, Instagram, and the like. 

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Why Doesn’t My Girlfriend Post About Me On Social Media?

There are a number of reasons why your girlfriend may not be hyping you up all over the social media metaverse. Here are a few:

1. She’s Not a  Fan Of Social Media

We know it’s not that common, but some women are just simply not huge on social media.

Either they prefer to keep their affairs private, or she thinks social media platforms are a silly waste of time. She just doesn’t have any interest in using it because she’d rather be out there living her actual life. It is actually possible. 

2. She Wants To Keep Your Relationship Private 

Not everyone in the modern world is a social-media “oversharer.” Not everyone wants all of their business out there.

Some women are simply more introverted, or would like to keep their romantic relationships private because she doesn’t want people judging her – or you. If she rarely or never posts photos of you on social media platforms, but keeps photos of the two of you on her phone, you can be pretty confident that your girl loves you; she just doesn’t want people prying into her business. 

3. She Is Deliberately Hiding You 

It could be that your girlfriend doesn’t want someone she knows seeing the two of you together on social media.

It could be a friend or family member – or it could be that she’s interested in or seeing someone else and wants to appear single.

In any case, her deliberate attempts at hiding you are a definite red flag. You’ll have to pay close attention to her other actions to figure it out. 

4. She Doesn’t Like Any of the Photos You’ve Taken Together 

In this social-media era of filters, photoshop and airbrushing, women are all about trying to make themselves look as good as possible online – even if it’s not the case in real life.

She might just be vain and/or insecure and isn’t happy with photos you’ve taken together because she doesn’t think they’re flattering to her. 

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My Girlfriend Acts Single On Social Media

If your girl is NOT posting photos of you, tagging you or commenting on your posts, while at the same time posting photos of her out partying with friends, or posting sexy beach selfies while posing in a bikini, your concerns are probably justified.

No guy wants to feel invisible while dozens of other thirsty dudes are “liking” and making suggestive comments on his girlfriend’s pics. 

We recommend listening to your gut if it’s telling you your girl already has one foot out the door of this relationship.

Bring it to her attention, and tell her that it bothers you. Her willingness to have a conversation about it – or not – will tell you where you stand in the relationship – and whether it’s time to move on. 

Does She Not Love Me?

Not necessarily. As mentioned previously, there are a whole host of reasons why your girlfriend may not want to post about you on social media.

Maybe she’s insecure about her appearance, maybe she’s simply a private person, or maybe she doesn’t want to post because she feels your relationship “isn’t perfect” (honestly, no relationship is). 

But we have to give you the cold, hard truth and tell you it’s possible she’s just not that into you anymore. If she had previously been posting constant oh-so-cute selfies and lovey-dovey comments about you and that seems to have dried up, maybe her feelings are fading or are already gone. 

Or it could be that the two of you just had a fight and she’s currently upset with you. You’ll have to sit her down and have a conversation. And, if necessary, apologize. 

Is She Cheating?

If your girlfriend isn’t posting about you on social media, or her posts have become few and far between, it’s only natural to suspect she might be cheating on you. But keep in mind that social media isn’t real life. You’ll have to take a good long look at her other behaviors. 

Here’s a list of things to take note of that suggest your girlfriend could possibly be cheating – either emotionally or physically: 

  • She’s interacting a lot with people she hardly knows (especially other guys).
  • One guy’s name in particular keeps popping up over and over again.
  • She ignores your comments or when you tag her in posts. 
  • She stops posting photos of the two of you.
  • She makes a lot of plans that don’t include you.
  • She’s actively talking to her ex.
  • You catch her constantly smiling and laughing while she’s on her phone.
  • She’s very protective of her phone and/or laptop, or hides it from you.
  • Her posts seem to indicate she’s not feeling great about your relationship.
  • She’s created other social media accounts where she never posts about you or your relationship. 
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If you’re sure she’s not cheating and you want to save your relationship, communication (in real time, not on social media) is key! If you’d like your girlfriend to give you more attention in her social media posts, keep it positive. Let her know it would mean a lot to you – and also make an effort to highlight her on YOUR social media as well. 

Above all, keep in mind what we said earlier – social media isn’t real life. There are plenty of other ways for you and your girlfriend to stay connected outside of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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