Sexual Bets: What You Need to Know+14 Naughty Ideas

Making sexual bets with your girlfriend or wife is a great, fun way to spice things up in your relationship and the bedroom.  They can be used as an opportunity for you to introduce a sexual idea, kink, or fantasy for her to participate in if she loses.  

Those ideas can be anything that she would otherwise have been too reluctant to try or things you’ve always wanted to do with her but for some reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to talk about them.   

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Sexual Bets with New Girl 

Sexual bets are also a good way to introduce some “R” rated fun and build upon that sexual tension with the new girl you’ve been dating-especially early on when you want to test the waters and make sure you‘re not in the friendzone.   

Since sexual bets can range from mild to extremely sexual, make sure the bet is appropriate to the type of relationship you have with the girl. You risk coming off as pushy and “only wanting one thing” if you go for the overly sexual bets right away.  

Remember to keep it fun, within limits, and only initiate the bet if you feel she is highly likely to agree-and have fun with it. 

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Sexual Bet Ideas 

It’s all about personal preferences and comfort levels when it comes to coming up with sexual bet ideas.  

Here are 14 fun, naughty ideas to choose from or use as inspiration to help you brainstorm and come up with on your own. 

1. Backrub

The person that lost the bet has to give a backrub for a set amount of time. 

2. Sexy Dance

The loser has to perform a slow, sexy dance for the other person. 

3. Sing a Song

Loser has to sing a song of their choice.  They must remove a piece of clothing every time they laugh or forget a lyric-and start over. 

4. Play Strip Poker

The loser starts the game at a disadvantage wearing 3 fewer articles of clothing. 

5. Cook Topless

The loser has to cook (or bake) topless for the other person.  

6. Naked Massage

The winner receives a full-body massage and can remain partially clothed.  The person giving the massage must be completely naked.

7. Erogenous zones

The person that lost the bet has to kiss and lick all the erogenous zones on the other person’s body. 

8. Oral sex

Loser has to give oral sex for a set amount of time. 

9. Sex story

Loser has to tell a sex story (or read one off the internet) using explicit words and in great detail to try and turn the other person on. 

10. Shower Time

Loser has to join you in the shower (or bath) and help you lather up. 

11. “Draw me like one of your French girls”

The loser has to pose nude for a drawing session (or photoshoot). 

12. Sexy message

The loser has to call the other person and leave a naughty voicemail.

13. Blindfolded Masturbation

The loser has to masturbate while blindfolded (optional) while being watched.

14. Handcuffed in Bed

The winner gets to handcuff the other person and pleasure them as they wish.

Benefits to Making Sexual Bets 

There are a few benefits to making sexual bets, especially with a girl you don’t know that well or haven’t dated for a long time. In any other- non-sexual- scenario, making a bet, and depending on what’s at stake, means you risk losing your money or simply having to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do.  

The upside would be you winning money, or having someone do something for you. 

When it comes to sexual bets, you don’t only risk losing the bet, but losing the girl if she finds it to be too sexual or inappropriate.  You will reap none of the benefits if you are too aggressive, so it is extremely important to use your better judgment.  So, what are some of the benefits of making sexual bets? 

  • You get to let her know you’re sexually interested in her without actually telling her 
  • Good, fun, and non-threatening way to let her guard down sexually 
  • It’s a way to find out if she’s sexually interested in you (assuming she agrees to the bet) 
  • They are a good alternative to dirty talk or “send me nudes” requests she’s tired of hearing 
  • She is more likely to do something sexual if she agreed with the bet in the first place 

The purpose of sexual bets is to introduce sexual activities and help the relationship progress sexually. The main goal is to “break the ice” and create sexual tension. In more serious relationships, and if you have been intimate with the girl, use sexual bets to kick it up a notch and spice things up. 

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When to Initiate a Sexual Bet 

You shouldn’t only use your better judgment to pick the appropriate bets, but you got to be smart about when to initiate a sexual bet. This is important if you want to increase your chances of her agreeing.  

Obviously, the time has to be right.  This means you can play this game when you are having a lighthearted disagreement and she insists that she’s right (and you wrong).

Another opportunity to make a sexual bet is when you are both playing a competitive game together or when your favorite teams are playing against each other.  You could even make a bet on which character turns out to be the bad guy at the end of a movie.

In any case, you will want to bring up sexual challenges when she’s in a good mood. 

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When NOT to Initiate Sexual Bets 

If you have a feeling the girl will not be up to the challenge, do not make a bet.  This includes if you have already tried making a move on her and were turned down. She will probably not agree to play-at least for now.  

Insisting on becoming sexual will backfire and she will lose any interest she had for you, even if you try to be “smooth” with a sexual bet.  

Another instance where making a sexual bet would be less than ideal is initiating it out of nowhere.  You don’t want her to think you were preparing for it by suggesting you play out of the blue. Instead, suggest a sexual bet as a spur-of-the-moment idea to make it worthy to settle a disagreement you two may have. 

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