Signs Of a Sexually Starved Woman (How To Know She Wants It)

Women are usually said to be complicated and confusing. You know, the whole “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” thing. It can be very difficult for the average guy to figure them out, and recognize the signs of a sexually starved woman.

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Maybe your girl seems moody and unhappy. Maybe she gets angry with you over seemingly-trivial issues. Perhaps she doesn’t seem all that excited to be with you. At night, she might toss and turn in bed and not be able to fall asleep.

Believe it or not, some of her behavior changes might be attributed to how much sex you are giving her – or not giving her.

“What?” you think, “I’m giving her plenty of sex.”

But you never know.

Maybe you’ve been working long hours and are exhausted. Maybe you’ve been spending a little too much time out with the boys and not enough time taking care of business at home (or at her place).

You feel like she’s getting “enough,” but maybe you are mistaken.

Signs Of a Sexually Starved Woman

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She Seems Moody and Sad

If she seems uninterested in conversation, doesn’t smile or laugh at your jokes, or replies to your questions with monosyllabic answers, she might be sex-starved.

Likewise, if she seems uninterested in participating in any fun activities with you or shows disinterest in things she used to like, she might need some more time between the sheets with you.

She Is Always Tired

Of course, we live in a modern world where women work as much as men do. And it’s normal to feel tired after a long workday.

But if this continues for an extended period of time, or if she is “tired” even on days where she hasn’t done much, it could be another sign that she needs more spicy time in the bedroom.

She Has Difficulty Falling Asleep

It’s fairly common knowledge that a good sex romp with a “happy ending” can bring on sleep pretty quickly for both sexes.

Of course there are many people capable of knocking out the minute their head touches their pillow.

Your girl might not be one of those people. But if she is tossing and turning restlessly most of the night? She might need a big old “O” or two to send her straight to Dreamland.

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A healthy and regular sex life has been proven to improve one’s outlook and emotional health, so when a woman is sex-starved, it can negatively affect her mental health and lead to depression.

When people are deprived of physical touch and intimacy, depression can often follow.

If the girl seems uninterested in things she used to be passionate about before, or if she doesn’t have interest in going out, getting together with friends, or even keeping up her appearance, it could very well be one of the signs of a sexually starved woman.

She Is Easily Frustrated and Angered

If your girl seems to get unreasonably pissed-off at things that didn’t seem to bother her before, it’s likely she could be sex-deprived and one of the signs of a sexually starved woman.

Does she have an extremely short fuse and yells at you or other people at the slightest provocation?

Your Jekyll-and-Hyde woman may just need more sex in her life.

She Indulges in Excessive Behaviors

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Is your woman eating much more these days? Is she smoking, drinking, or drugging excessively? This could be her way of trying to fill the sex void in her life.

However, she could be excessively indulging in positive behaviors as well.

If she is suddenly spending three hours a day at the gym or going for 20-mile runs daily, these could also be behaviors she’s undertaking to try to compensate for the lack of sex in her life.

She No Longer Feels Attractive

A lot of women attach sexuality to attractiveness and acceptability (this is not only women obviously, but we are talking about women here).

If a woman is not having her sexual needs fulfilled, she may feel that her partner no longer finds her attractive, and that’s why she is being deprived of sex.

She Constantly Talks About Sex

Some women will just cut straight to the point. She will tell you straight-up she needs to have more sex or is constantly talking about sex.

Short of bashing you over the head with a frying pan like in a Warner Bros. cartoon, she can’t make it any more clear. This one is one the most obvious signs of a sexually starved woman. She definitely needs more sex. Listen to her!

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How Can You Tell if a Woman is Sexually Active?

There’s no definitive way to tell whether a woman is sexually active, unless of course you are a gynecologist. But since most of us are not, we’re going to have to rely on other methods to be able to tell.

According to a European study, accredited sexologists were actually able to determine which women had recently had an orgasm just by watching them walk – with an accuracy rate of 81 percent.


That is correct. Apparently, women who have just recently gotten laid and had a vaginal orgasm actually walk differently – and we don’t mean just that little extra “pep in your step.”

Women who have recently had sex have a habit of walking with a longer stride, and greater pelvic rotation.

But since we are not all sexologists (which seems like a pretty cool job title), how else can you tell a women is getting down and dirty with regularity?

Here are a few other ways to tell:

Signs a Woman is Sexually Active

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She Has “That Glow” About Her

It’s been scientifically proven that women get that flushed-in-the-face-look after a good roll in the hay because of all the additional blood flow.

But women who’ve recently done the deed will also often have an aura of calm and satisfaction about them.

She Has a Secretish Grin

If you see a woman looking quietly pleased with herself, with a private smile playing about her lips, it could be a good indicator that she just got laid.

Her sexual satisfaction is a little secret that she’s having a difficult time concealing from the rest of the world.

She Is In a Really Positive Mood

That post-coital endorphin surge can give a woman a positive outlook even in the face of everyday annoyances.

If she continues to be happy, smiley, positive and bubbly no matter what the day throws at her, it could be a very good clue that she is sexually active and recently got her some.

How Can You Tell a Woman Wants Sex?

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Here are the best ways we have found to tell if the woman you’re interested in is into you too:

She Invites You To Spend Time Alone With Her

In particular, if she invites you out for dinner/drinks or she invites you back to her place (or wants to come over to yours), she is most definitely interested in you sexually.

She Flirts With You

She will drop sexual innuendoes, or ask you about your sex life, without telling you she is attracted to you outright. She may also give you multiple verbal compliments about your outfit, hair, eyes, or smile.

She might just be very polite, but if she compliments your looks or appearance it’s a pretty good sign that she’s interested in you sexually. Instead of, say, complimenting you on your recent promotion at work.

She Will Touch You Often

Women will often have walls up and be on their guard around men. So if this woman is willing to touch you and not wait to be touched by you, it is a good sign that she’s not only comfortable with you, but attracted to you.

When conversing, woman will often touch a man on the hand or the arm or the shoulder as a sign that they are interested in getting more physical.

These aren’t definitive signs, as she might just be a “touchy-feely” person, but it’s encouraging.

Likewise, if a woman goes from touching your arm to touching your chest or your torso, she is almost definitely interested, as those are more personal places to touch someone. You are headed in the right direction.

She Seems Receptive to Your Advances

If she is encouraging and responding positively to your advances and not neutral or pushing you away, it’s a good sign that she might be down for sexy time sooner than later.

If she is open to being touched and caressed, it’s likely that she is also open to having sex – but this isn’t something you should assume.

Be aware of her body language and know that if she stops, so should you.

She may be very attracted to you but not quite yet ready for sex, in which case you need to give her some time and space to decide. It’s also possible that she’s really not interested but isn’t sure how to put you off or express that without coming across as rude.

Just remember no matter how much you might want it, don’t pressure her. That will only make an awkward situation even more uncomfortable. In this case, patience is truly a virtue.

She will Just Flat-Out Tell You She Wants Sex

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While none of the other signs we’ve mentioned above are foolproof, there isn’t much room for misinterpretation with this one.

You should never assume a woman wants to have sex with you unless you’ve asked and she has consented.

As in, even if she’s stripping her clothes (and yours) off, you should still confirm with her verbally that she is comfortable with you and willing to go “all the way,” as it were.

She should also do the same for you – though with men, it will probably be a bit more straightforward.

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Are Women Hornier Than Men?

Some research studies suggest that the average woman feels horny one week per month, and attributes that to her ovulation period, while also suggestion that it takes a man 72 hours to feel horny again after having sex.

Honestly, we call B.S. on this so-called research. There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to how often individual men and women feel horny. Some women want it every day and some women once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month.

It’s the same with men. Men are nearly always portrayed as being always more horny than women, but that’s not necessarily true.

As we age our sexual needs may shift. We may want more or less. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

The important thing is that sexual partners need to be attuned to each other, and willing to compromise and share their desires when it comes to sex. There is no definitive answer to this question.

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