Signs Your Gym Crush Likes You: 9 Easy Ways To Know

If you like working out as much as you love women, the gym is the perfect place for you to score a date. Gyms are known to be one of the best places to meet women.

Bars and clubs are still the #1 spot to pick up girls, but at the gym, the chances of her drunkenly blathering about her ex and vomiting all over you, in the end, are pretty slim.

The real question is: How do you know if the girl that you like at the gym likes you back? Are there signs your gym crush likes you? 

When you meet a woman at the gym what you see is what you get. There will be no surprises when the make-up wears off and the clothes come off.

A girl working out at the gym is most likely already a hot sweaty mess trying to catch her breath.  

beautiful young woman wiping sweat off her forehead working out

Speaking of sweat, a fun fact to keep in mind is that working out releases chemicals that may help attract females. Androsterone, for example, is a sex pheromone that makes guys more sexually appealing to women.

Endorphin is another chemical that bodies release when we work out. It triggers the brain receptors to help with boosting self-esteem, reducing anxiety, and improving our mood.  

In other words, don’t be afraid to approach a woman at the gym. Science shows that working out plays a positive role in attraction. The release of pheromones means the women can perceive you as sexier and more attractive.

Women themselves may be more open to flirting when working out, sweating, and not looking their best. Thanks to the “feel good” pheromones the body releases that put them in a good mood. 

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signs your gym crush likes you

None of this means anything if the girl at the gym is just not interested. So, here are the common signs your gym crush likes you

9 Signs Your Gym Crush Likes You

  • Looks At You. This one is pretty obvious. Generally, when a woman looks your way to see where you are in proximity to her may be a good sign. This includes her scouting the area to find where you are. It becomes a better sign when she tries to make and maintain eye contact. Disregard this sign if she looks your way because of loud grunting noises you make when lifting weights-she may have mistaken you for a gorilla. 
  • Initiates Small Talk. When she either initiates small talk or acts like she wants you to initiate is always a good sign. Considering most people like to keep to themselves while working out, her making herself available to talk to you shows she is attracted. A subtle hint she wants to talk is when she removes her headphones when you’re working out close to her (to give you the opportunity to talk to her) or taking a break from her workout when you‘re nearby.  
  • Asks For Help. She will ask if you know how to adjust the weights on the machine she’s working on, or if you know where the nearest water fountain is. It doesn’t matter what it is she asks your help for. The fact that out of all the people and staff she could have asked, she chose you, means something. 
  • Works Out Close To You. When she picks a machine to work out near you when more equipment that allows for the same workout is available farther away, it is a good sign. If you see her moving to a different machine when you move, just so to be close to you, you can assume she’s expecting you to make a move and start a conversation. 
  • Goes To The Gym At The Same Time. This one is a little tricky if her workout schedule happens to be the same as yours, so hold your horses. If you notice a pattern where she doesn’t miss a day knowing you‘d be there, it could be a sign. Another sign your gym crush likes you is when she’s getting ready to leave at the same time you finish your workout. This means that she stayed a bit longer hoping you‘d acknowledge her and talk to her. Is it creepy? Yes. But a sign she likes you, nonetheless.  
  • She Acknowledges You Passing By. Whether it’s a head nod, a smile, or even better, a wave, her acknowledging you is a good sign. She wanted your attention and is letting you know with a greeting. 
attractive young woman at the gym
  • She Isn’t Focused On Her Routine. It’s easy to spot when a girl isn’t focusing on her workout, but not a telltale sign she likes you. To make sure you may have something to do with her being distracted there are things to look for. Does she spend more time just sitting there instead of actually working out when you‘re next to her? Did she start walking when she was running on the treadmill as soon as you started approaching? 
  • She Tries To Look Good. Look for any changes in her appearance after seeing each other at the gym a few times.  If your crush at the gym likes you, she’ll start trying to look her best coming to the gym knowing you‘ll be there. 
  • She Compliments You. The last of the signs your gym crush likes you is the most obvious sign of all. When the girl you like at the gym gives you a compliment it’s very safe to say she’s into you. This can be any type of compliment like “I love your shirt” to “You look like you have strong arms!”.

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young couple having a fun conversation at the gym

How To Get Your Gym Crush To Talk To You

The first thing to do if you want your crush at the gym to approach and talk to you is to be friendly and approachable. This means take your earbuds out and wipe the sweat off your forehead.

While sweating releases pheromones that attract women, having your face drenched is unattractive. The girl will think it’s icky, but I’m here to tell you that’s flat-out nasty. 

Don’t forget about body language and facial expressions. It doesn’t matter if you just bench-pressed 300 pounds and that’s your personal best.

Wipe the “I’m the Hulk!” look off your face and replace it with a welcoming smile when she’s around.

But OK you can be a little cocky, 300lbs is pretty good. 

Use some of the signs we talked about earlier in the article yourself. You can try working out on a machine next to her to give her an opportunity to talk to you or ask her a question yourself. You could even tell her how cool her overpriced stainless-steel water bottle from Starbucks looks. 

Final Thoughts 

The gym can be a good place to meet people and women. Studies have shown that flirting at the gym is acceptable by most, as long as you know how to do it.

This means be respectful and test the waters first by smiling and trying to start a conversation. Keep in mind that a gym is a place women go to work out and work on themselves-not necessarily to find a man.

Be respectful and don’t continue trying to flirt with a girl who’s not interested.

A gym is a place she frequents, don’t make it an uncomfortable environment for her because of you.  

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