What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Daddy (Explained)

It’s pretty common for people in relationships (or even friends-with-benefits) to have pet names they like to call each other. However, if your girl addresses you as “Daddy,” you may be a bit taken aback at first. You’re not her father, nor do you want to be. So, what does it mean when a girl calls you Daddy, and how do you respond?

Hang on tight while we break it down for you!

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Daddy?

Contrary to the opinion of Sigmund Freud, who theorized that all children fantasize about getting it on with their moms or dads, when a girl calls you daddy it doesn’t mean she has a perverse fetish about sleeping with her real father.

When your girl calls you daddy, it generally means that she wants to be submissive to you; to have you be the one in the position of power in the relationship. When she sees that you are protective, caring, and in charge then she is more likely to call you daddy.

If a girl is calling you daddy, it does not mean she is fantasizing about her actual father. Not that it’s impossible, but the odds are pretty slim that this is the case. And if she is calling you daddy then she likely just sees you as the dominant, take-charge guy in the relationship.

How To Respond When She Calls You Daddy

Can some guys be turned off by the term “Daddy” coming out of their girlfriend’s mouth? It’s possible that some dudes worry that their girl might have unresolved “daddy issues” when deciding to use the term.

But such is not usually the case. Of course, “Daddy” can mean “father.” But girls who use the term are usually indicating that they see their man as a boss, a protector, or in charge. This is usually the meaning girls are going for, particularly in the bedroom.

When you hear a girl call you daddy, your first thought is probably “What do I call her?”

We implore you: do NOT call her “daughter!” Unless, you know, you seriously want to kill any sexy vibes. She is not your daughter, just like you are not her real father.

With that out of the way, let’s see how else you can respond to your girl calling you “Daddy.”

If you are getting romantic and your girl calls you daddy, you can respond with something like “Daddy loves you”. This line is sure to make her feel loved and may even turn her on.

If you are having a sexy time and she calls you daddy in the heat of the moment, you can respond with something like, “You make daddy feel so good”.

If your girl calls you daddy in a public place, you can address her as “Baby girl” or even just “Baby.” Girls generally go crazy for these terms of endearment.

Reasons She’s Calling You Daddy

So, what are some of the possible reasons a girl is calling you “Daddy?” Let us count the ways…

She Just Likes It

It’s really that simple. She may say it because she honestly just likes the way it sounds. If you don’t like being called “Daddy,” you can always speak to her privately about it (please don’t embarrass her in public by doing this).

She might be disappointed because she may really enjoy calling you “Daddy,” but you can come to a compromise and find other pet names that she can call you inside or outside the bedroom.

To this girl, Daddy is simply one more term of endearment, so she is as likely to call you “Daddy” in the produce aisle at the grocery store as she is in the bedroom. It may not be overtly sexual; simply a name she likes to call you.

She’s Been Watching Porn

The term “Daddy” is often used in pornography, when two people (or more!) are having sex. Here’s a real shocker – women are as likely to watch porn as men (we’re being sarcastic here). Maybe this girl has heard women calling men “Daddy” in porn and thought it was sexy and would be a good way to turn you on.

Whether we realize it or not, if we watch a decent amount of porn (don’t pretend you don’t), it tends to influence what we do and say in the bedroom.

She Sees You As Dominant

Women who really like a dominant/submissive relationship where they are the submissive one are likely to call you “Daddy”, especially in the privacy of your bedroom.

The idea of surrendering power to their man in the bedroom is super arousing to her. Note that this same girl may not be all that crazy about the idea of you being overly dominant and controlling outside of your sexy times.

She may also call you “Daddy” outside the bedroom because it excites her, and she wants to tease you – think of it as foreplay.

You’re A Real Daddy

If you and she are the parents of your own children, or even if you have a child of your own, this one is fairly obvious. She’s calling you daddy because guess what? You are the father of the family, so that’s how she likes to address you.

It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s saying it in a sexual way; it just means she has a lot of love and affection for you. It’s especially likely she will call you “Daddy” in this way if you have been dating for a long time or are married.

You Make Her Feel Safe

A girl might call her lover “daddy” because she feels a sense of security, protection, or a power dynamic that reminds her of a parental relationship.

Some girls like to call you daddy because she thinks of you as a protector, the way a parent would care for a child. This doesn’t mean that she sees you as a substitute for her real father, or as a father figure at all.

However, she probably does view you as her safe haven and protector. She feels safe, comfortable and cared for when she is with you, which is what makes her like to call you daddy in or out of the bedroom.

Why Do Some Women Call Their Man Daddy While Others Don’t?

It all boils down to a woman’s personal preference and personality. Some women simply may not feel comfortable with the term or view it as weird or creepy. They may view it as childish, or they may feel only their actual father deserves that title.

Some women who have control issues may not enjoy giving up the power dynamic in the relationship, even in the bedroom.

There’s nothing wrong with a girl calling you “Daddy” or not. You have to decide between the two of you what pet names are comfortable and acceptable for you both.

Every relationship is very different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to what people like to call you or to be called.

Is It Weird If She Calls Me Daddy During Sex?

Actually, being called “Daddy” during sex can be one of the hottest turn-ons in the bedroom for you and for her – provided you’re both comfortable with that term.

Calling your partner “daddy” in bed is a type of sexual (or even non-sexual) role-play. Contrary to views about being called “daddy” weird, we believe that it is perfectly normal and fine within the confines of a loving, consensual, and safe adult relationship.

Engaging in role play – especially where partners exchange positions of power – are often a way for people with controlling or strong personalities to feel comfortable “letting go” and allowing the other person to take charge.

It’s interesting to note that some women who enjoy being the submissive one in their relationships are often in positions of high power and influence in their “real” lives. Thus, these are often the types of women who enjoy calling their partner “Daddy” between the sheets.

This fantasy doesn’t mean your girl wants to sleep with anyone but you. Because fathers are generally seen as supportive, caring, and assertive, a girl who calls you “Daddy” is embracing and celebrating those qualities in the relationship.

It’s similar to a consensual dominant-submissive (Dom/Sub) relationship, where one partner “dominates” sexually and the other “submits.”

However, the real power lies with the person who submits, even though it may not seem so at first glance. Why? Because they get to decide what is OK and what is not.

The “Dom” in the relationship derives pleasure from the “Sub” telling them what they want and don’t want, sexually speaking. This kind of relationship must have complete trust and clear and honest communication – and maybe a safe word or two.

Whatever kind of role-play the two of you are into, role play is usually a way to safely test the boundaries of your relationship.

When your girl submits to you willingly and calls you “Daddy,” the role play is about making her feel safe and loved – and who can really say there’s anything wrong with that?

Because there is still much shame and taboos associated with sex, women like to come up with scenarios that make them feel safe.

As the father figure is generally viewed as a very safe and loving person, a girl calling you “Daddy” is showing you that she trusts you and feels safe expressing her sexuality and experiencing pleasure with you.

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