What Does It Mean When a Woman Touches Your Back (Explained)

It’s pretty common for people to enjoy touching things or other people that they are attracted to, or that they have affection for. But what does it mean when a woman touches your back?

If a girl touched your back – especially if it’s a girl you like -then you might be wondering why she did it and whether her touch means that she likes you too – or whether it didn’t mean much at all.

Ready to figure out what she meant? We’ve “got your back!”

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What Did She Mean When She Touched My Back?

There are several reasons why a girl might touch your back.

If she does it frequently, or her touch lingers on your back for longer than a few seconds, chances are pretty good that she is attracted to you.

However, she could also simply be trying to reassure you. She might also be trying to get your attention. Or maybe she’s just naturally a “touchy-feely” person who uses physical touch with others often. 

Let’s look at a few different reasons why this girl might have touched your back, and the clues to look for to show if she’s attracted to you or if it was another reason altogether.

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She Is Attracted To You

If you like this girl and enjoyed having her touch your back, of course this is going to be the best reason of all for you – she might be attracted to you as well! 

You’ll need to pay attention to the unconscious signals she gives you with her body language. Did she touch you when you were alone together? Did it happen more than once? These are positive body language cues, along with the following behaviors you might have noticed: 

  • She holds direct and prolonged eye contact with you. You might notice her pupils dilated (look larger than usual). 
  • She smiles and laughs often while talking with you.
  • Pointing her feet and body directly at you
  • Other than your back, she finds other ways to touch you – your hand, arm, or shoulder 
  • She touches/strokes her hair while talking to you 
  • She plays with or adjusts her clothing and jewelry while talking to you 
  • Speaking to you in a higher tone of voice than she does with other people
  • Glancing at you and smiling or quickly looking away when you notice

She Wants to Get Your Attention

It’s a less-than-ideal scenario, especially if you’re crushing on this girl. But it’s possible that she just touched your back because she was trying to get your attention.

If you’re in a crowded, noisy bar and you get a light tap on your back from a girl, she might just be asking you to move so that she can place her drink order with the bartender. Or if you’re in class with her, she might have a question about an assignment. There are all types of situations where her touching you on the back doesn’t necessarily signify romantic interest. 

If she stops touching you once she’s gained your attention and doesn’t show any other positive body-language signals like the ones we’ve outlined above, we’re sorry to burst your bubble…she’s just not that into you

However, let’s say she gets her drink and lingers at the bar making conversation with you, or stops you to chat after class and laughs and smiles at what you have to say. She is likely interested in you and is trying to get to know you better. If you like her back, this might be a good time to shoot your shot!

She Wants To Comfort or Reassure You

This girl could also have touched your back as a way of trying to make you feel better. 

If the two of you were alone together and you were talking to her about something that made you feel sad, upset or even angry, her touching you on the back could simply be a sign of support and reassurance. Physical touch is often a way to express a desire to comfort someone, and this is especially true if she offered you words of empathy at the same time as she touched you. 

She could also have been trying to reassure and console you BECAUSE she’s attracted to you; but as we mentioned before, you’re going to have to pay attention to the other body-language signs she gives to be able to determine this for real. 

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She’s Just a Touchy-Feely Type of Person

In some families and some cultures, it is normal to touch people a lot.  And some people are just naturally more tactile than others.

If this girl grew up in a household or culture where frequent touching is normal, or if it’s just the way she is, she could have simply touched you on the back without really meaning anything by it. 

In order to get proof of this, you would need to observe her physical behavior around people other than yourself. If you notice her touching other friends or family members frequently, it could just be a habit to which she’s become accustomed, or could just be a sign of affection without any romantic intent. 

However, all of that could be true AND she could also be attracted to you. Once again, you’ll need to pay attention to whether she shows signs of attraction to you that she doesn’t with other people. 

what does it mean when a woman touches your back


  • Prolonged direct eye contact, or glancing at you and looking away quickly while smiling
  • Positioning herself to be closer to you
  • Touching you often
  • Frequent smiles and laughter during your conversation
  • Touching her hair, adjusting her clothes or jewelry

All are good signs that she is interested and attracted to you! 

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A touch on the back to get your attention? A reassuring pat to try to make you feel better? Or a more intimate touch on your back because this girl is attracted to you and is trying to convey her interest? 

We hope you found this article useful in trying to figure out the exact meaning behind this girl’s touch. We know women are complex creatures and what they do or say isn’t always what they mean. But with our guide you’re now able to figure out the unspoken body-language signals that she’s giving you, and you can proceed accordingly…or not!

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