What Does It (Really) Mean When a Girl Calls You “Hun”?

So you met an attractive girl at a coffee shop, a party or at school. Or maybe you’ve had this particular girl as a friend for a while. Suddenly, during the course of conversation, she calls you “hun.” What does it mean when a girl calls you “hun”?

It has you scratching your head and trying to decipher what she meant by that. Is she into you? Or did it mean nothing more than when you’re at a greasy-spoon diner and the waitress asks you “So what’ll ya have, hun?”

“Hun” is, of course, a term of endearment. But was it affectionate or did it have a romantic intent? Here’s where we’re going to help you try to decode this particular moniker. 

The different reasons a girl might call you “hun” will also come with some clues as to her meaning – both in the way that she says it, and what her body language is telling you.  

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What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You “Hun”

She’s Attracted To You

Just the fact that she called you “hun” by itself doesn’t necessarily mean she’s attracted to you. But as with many things in life, it’s not WHAT she says, it’s HOW she says it. And actions speak louder than words. 

If she is attracted to you then it would be likely that she would show signs of attraction in her body language and behavior when she is around you.

Here are several body-language clues that are dead giveaways that the girl who called you “hun” is probably also attracted to you:

  • She holds direct and prolonged eye contact with you
  • You notice her pupils dilate (get larger) when she looks at you
  • She finds ways to touch you often – your arm, hand, or shoulder 
  • She stands closer to you and “leans in” to the conversation 
  • She plays with her hair or adjusts her clothing while talking to you 
  • She smiles and laughs often during your conversation 
  • She tilts her head to the side while talking to you
  • She mirrors your own body language 
  • She sits or stands upright when she sees you
  • She asks questions about you and genuinely seems interested in getting to know you 
  • She orients her body towards you and points her feet toward you

It’s a Term She Uses on Anyone

Hun is a pleasantry that girls will often call others – both male and female –  when talking to them (think back to the waitress at the diner). It doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than that; it could simply be a habit. 

If she calls other people “hun” while she is around you, and you don’t observe any discernible changes in her body language or her tone of voice when she’s talking to you, then this is probably the case. It’s just a force of habit and you shouldn’t read anything more into it.

It’s also possible that she does usually call people “hun,” but she’s also attracted to you. If you think that could be the case, refer to the list above for signals in her behavior and body language that she means this as more than just a pleasantry that she calls all people by. 

She Uses “Hun” as a Term of Affection

If you have been friends with this particular girl for a while and she starts calling you “hun,” it could just be her way of showing you that she cares about you – as a friend. Or perhaps your relationship has grown into something more than just friendship, and this is her way of expressing that to you.

If she does think of you as just another one of her friends, then it’s likely her body language and behavior won’t change significantly around you as compared to when she’s hanging out with her other friends.

But as we noted before, if you see significant changes in her body language as well (lots of eye contact, touching, smiling, close proximity to you, etc.), then it’s a fairly good bet she wants to take your relationship to the next level. 

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What Do I Do/How Should I React When She Calls Me “Hun?”

This all depends on how YOU personally feel about the girl in question. If you simply view her as a friend or an acquaintance, you needn’t do anything (except perhaps smile politely). 

However, let’s say she’s really cute and you’re definitely interested in her. One way to test the waters with this girl is to mirror her own body language, and perhaps amplifying her behavior slightly. For example, say she briefly touches your arm to emphasize a point while you’re conversing. Try touching her back and allow your hand to linger on her arm just a few seconds longer.

See how she reacts. If she smiles and seems receptive to the touch, you’re probably on the right track – she’s interested. However, if she pulls her arm away and attempts to distance herself from you, you probably misread her use of the term “hun” and she really didn’t mean anything by it.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You “Hun” Over Text?

Similar to when a girl calls people “hun” in person, it could simply be that it’s just a term of endearment she calls people naturally. But it could also be she’s calling you “hun” because she likes you as more than a friend. 

Pay close attention to both the tone and the content of her other texts. Are her texts flirtatious and frequent? Or short, to-the-point and businesslike? Context is all-important to figure out whether she sees you as just a buddy, or a budding romantic interest. 

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The term “Hun” sits in one of those weird grey areas between a romantic pet name and a cute term of endearment that just isn’t that deep. 

As we’ve noted before, you need to pay close attention to both the way she says it and her body language signals. When you put all of the puzzle pieces together, the bigger picture will become clear to you.

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