What Is a Sigma Male: 10 Characteristics That Define Him

If you don’t know what a Sigma male is, it’s because he’s a rare breed. He is mysterious, challenging, interesting, and with a unique perspective. What exactly is a Sigma male, and what are the characteristics that set them apart?

They don’t see themselves as an Alpha male, but know they have Alpha personality traits. They ‘re not a Beta male either, though they like peace, quiet and prefer keeping to themselves.

How Do Sigma Males Compare to Alphas?

Sigma males are best known as the introvert Alpha. In other words, they‘re just as badass even if they‘re not loud, extroverted and outgoing. Sigma males are the underdogs that are equally capable of winning the fight.

They are just as confident as their Alpha counterparts and have the same abilities. When it comes to setting goals and going after success, they both go for it. The difference is in their approach and definition of “success”.

An Alpha male’s success-in his mind- requires him being in a position of control. Having people around him that are submissive and look up to him, and who he can direct and they ‘ll obey, is what he craves.

For a Sigma, success might look more like being in control of a situation but doesn’t care for “followers”. He doesn’t care to be the boss of those beneath him.

Within a group of people, the Alpha is the guy that decides what the group will do, and the rest will follow. He’s often the loudest guy in the group-and the most aggressive.

sigma man

How Do Sigma Males Compare to Betas Males?

Two characteristics that are common between the two, are introversion and social skills. This is not to say that Sigmas are socially awkward, they don’t care to impress people and as a result, will not speak up or get loud.

A Sigma’s approach to social interactions can be mistaken for lack of social skills. As a result, he might come across as a Beta. The Sigma male keeps to himself and spends time alone as well-but does this by choice.

Sociosexual Hierarchy

What Is The Socio Sexual Hierarchy?

It is a system that ranks man based on dominance levels and social positions.   The man that rank at the very top (Alpha male) are outgoing, dominant and tend to attract women. 

Sigma men are also dominant and they are just as capable of attracting women.  The Sigma male is not inside the hierarchy but is equal to Alphas.

Beta (the subordinate male), Delta (the resentful male),  Gamma (The man that is clingy and possessive) and Omega (the man that has given up trying),  follow the Alpha and Sigma in the hierarchy.

YouTube Video by JoyanimaWhat Is a Sigma Male (Most Attractive Traits)

10 Characteristics Of a Sigma Male

These are the 10 most common characteristics among Sigma males:

1. Small Talk

Small talk isn’t their thing. It’s boring and energy depleting. This is not only because they are introverts, but because there is no value in small talk.

When engaged in small talk, Sigma males are most likely doing it out of politeness. They will rarely start meaningless conversations and would rather keep quiet.

2. Dislike Diplomacy

Diplomacy is a game they can play, and can play it well. They are intelligent and can spot peoples’ true intentions. Sigmas would much rather deal with people who are straight forward and to the point.

3. They Keep Private

They don’t feel the need to show off. Keeping private is a result of minding their own business and having nothing to prove. They rarely ask for advice, or confirmation.

4. Love to Learn

Sigmas have an interest in various topics. They don’t claim to know-it-all , but learning is important. To have a strong opinion on a subject, it is based on facts and valid information.

They are not afraid to hold a belief that goes against the norm, either.

5. Introverted, But Not Shy

They choose to be quiet, but will speak up when necessary. Sigma males listen and analyze.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Sigmas want to be sure the woman they’re talking to is right for them, and that there’s compatibility. They focus on thinking over speaking.

6. Charming With Women

Women love them for their mysterious nature and unique take on things. When a woman says “there is something about him that I like”, more often than not she’s referring to a sigma man.

Sigma men combine alpha male characteristics with a subtle and mysterious behavior. This combination is what women find irresistible.

7. They Don’t Have Many Friends

The Sigma male is a lone wolf. They don’t belong in a group of friends-sigmas don’t belong in any group. Peace and silence are important to this type of man and enjoy the time alone.

If he does make friends, it will be with people he considers genuine and close-people who are on the same path as him. He does not need a lot of friends to feel popular.

8. They’re Independent

Independence and freedom are very important to them. Sigmas will not wait for help-except when it’s absolutely necessary. They react when they are forced in an environment where they feel restrained.

The Sigma male has spent much time in his own thoughts. He will recognize his own problems and is capable of fixing them himself.

9. They Don’t Compete

Far from losers, but competing to prove their superiority is not something that they do. They are already in a competition with themselves and busy improving themselves.

Sigma men don’t see a need to follow trends or do what friends, family or society expects them to do.

10. They Go Against the Norm

They know they have the freedom to do what they want and be who they want. They feel no social pressure to act any different. This type of man is not trying to be different, he simply is.

In a world where people are trying to be someone they‘re not, desperate to fit in and stand out, Sigmas are a rarity.

what is a sigma male

Final Words

A Sigma male doesn’t care to be in control, even though he is-and everyone around him can sense it. Consider him the quiet Alpha in a group.

He doesn’t care to belong in a group to feel superior, as he doesn’t need other people to stroke his ego. He knows who he is and keeps his superiority low-key.

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