When a Girl Calls You Dude: Are You Friendzoned?

Women are mysterious creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes it seems as if guys and girls are literally speaking different languages. This also applies to the way she addresses you, which makes you wonder if it’s a sign she sees you as nothing more than a friend. Like when a girl calls you dude, for example.

So you like this girl and you’ve been hanging out with her, or maybe even hooking up with her. But sometimes you feel as if she treats you like “one of the guys” in her sphere. Why? Because she calls you “dude” all the time.

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Not “baby” or “babe” or any other cute pet nickname that makes you think she sees you as a real love interest.

She doesn’t even seem to know your name.

Are you just a “dude” to her?

When a girl you like calls you dude, this can become frustrating and concerning for you if you’re seriously into her and are trying to get things to progress to the next level.

We’re going to teach you how to do some serious detective work and read in between the lines to uncover the reasons why she calls you dude. It can indicate numerous things about her feelings for you.

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What Does “Dude” Really Mean?

Let’s have a bit of a history lesson about the term “dude” and how it has evolved over hundreds of years to its current meaning.

Originally, the term “dude” emerged in the late 1800’s-England to describe a high-class person who dressed excessively well to show their wealth; these men were also referred to as “dandies.’

It later came to be used in America’s Old West to mean a city-dweller who moved to the West and had no actual idea what they were doing. This produced another popular term, “city slickers.”

Yes, like the iconic movie starring Billy Crystal, whose character goes to stay at a “dude ranch” in the West with his two buddies, you may also feel like you don’t know what you’re doing where this girl is concerned.

In more recent times the term has changed from these insults to a way to address basically any human; male, female, or otherwise.

It has moved from an insult to a term of endearment (or just a way to address someone when you don’t know their actual name)

What Does It Mean When Your Crush Calls You “Dude”?

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It could mean anything, really.

Maybe this girl likes you but she’s shy and doesn’t want you to notice. Maybe she has put you in the dreaded friendzone. When a girl calls you dude it could be to deter you from the thought of hitting on her or asking her out on a date.

If this is a girl you’re seriously thinking of trying to date or hook up with, you’re probably best off being straightforward and asking her why she calls you dude all the time.

There are a number of other possible reasons why the girl you’re gaga over could be addressing you as “dude.” Let’s check them out.

It’s a Habit

These days, the term “dude” is a harmless, fun and cool nickname you can use for pretty much anyone. Some people even call their parents, kids, and coworkers dude. It doesn’t necessarily mean that much.

Your crush may be so accustomed to using this laid-back term of endearment that it’s second nature to her. It could even be a one-off.

You may want to take some time and see how often she refers to you in this way before trying to ascribe some hidden agenda to its meaning.

Simply put, if this is the case, when a girl calls you dude it means nothing.

She Likes You

Like maybe more than a friend, but she wants to keep the tone light and casual. When you hang out, she wants to remain relaxed and in her comfort zone around you.

She may be shy and not want to appear overly excited around you, or maybe she’s even involved in another relationship and is trying to downplay her attraction to you.

Again, here is where you will want to pay more attention to her body language. Actions speak louder than words.

If she smiles at you a lot, holds prolonged eye contact with you, plays with her hair, or touches you more than she touches other people, these are her non-verbal ways of telling you she’s interested in you.

She’s Angry or Frustrated

When your crush calls you “dude” in a sarcastic or upset way, it may just simply mean she’s pissed off at you and nothing more.

If this woman is already your girlfriend, the likelihood of this happening is very common.

She’s angry and is trying to tell you that you have overstepped your boundaries and she isn’t thinking of you in a particularly romantic way at this moment.

Again, it isn’t that deep. And as long as you two don’t fight on a regular basis, it’s not really something to worry about.

She Has Feelings For You And Wants To Hide Them

As mentioned before, women are complicated and mysterious creatures. Some women will come off as light, playful and casual if they like you and are trying to flirt with you.

Your crush might even be deliberately calling you “dude” to gauge your reaction. Girls like to test guys to see if they are worthy potential partners.

Remember that.

If a Girl Calls You “Dude”, Are You Friendzoned?

Knowing that you have been friend-zoned by your crush can be devastating and it’s probably the last thing you want to hear.

But it’s probably one of the main reasons that she is calling you a dude.

You don’t necessarily need to throw in the towel yet! When a girl calls you dude, the situation may not be as hopeless as it seems.

These days, women are as likely to use this word with their friends as men do. It has recently become an inoffensive, non-gender-specific way for people of all gender identities and sexes to address their friends.

She clearly thinks of you at the very least as one of her inner circle of friends, a person she values and trusts. So that’s a pretty good start.

In fact, the best and most long-lasting relationships have started out on a foundation of friendship. So don’t despair.

guy and girl friends fist bump

What To Do When She Calls You Dude

Try very hard not to overthink things if your crush repeatedly calls you “dude.” Everything we think we see or hear is not necessarily true.

So don’t take offense (“dude” is actually kind of a term of endearment for girls, remember?). You are not necessarily doomed to forever be in the “friendzone.”

Pay attention more closely to your crush’s actions than to what she says. Talk is cheap, as the old adage goes. It’s actions that matter.

If you sense that your crush is deliberately calling you “dude” in a casual way to get your reaction, it’s a good idea to play along.

Give her subtle hints that you are interested in her as more than a friend. She may very well be willing to take your relationship to the next level once she has sussed out that you are clearly interested in her.

Besides your crush calling you “dude,” how else can you determine whether you have landed squarely in the “friendzone?”

YouTube Video by Dating Logic-When a Girls Calls You Dude

Signs She’s Putting You In The Friendzone

  • You are her go-to buddy. Like her best friend. She is unabashed about discussing all aspects of her life with you as she would a favorite girlfriend. She’s not concerned about looking “put-together” or at her best as she would be if she were trying to impress a romantic interest. We’re talking messy bun, no makeup, sloppy sweatpants-wearing levels of comfort with you.
  • There is no romance in the relationship. She will hug you like a best friend, she will hang out and go to coffee or lunch or dinner with you. But she always insists on splitting the bill or even paying it herself. Or she will invite you to go out with her and a group of her friends. There’s nothing to suggest that she sees the two of you as a couple.
  • She never touches you, at least not in a romantic way. If she hugs you when you meet up or pats your shoulder or even kisses you on the cheek, that’s the extent of it. There’s no flirty touching of your forearm or holding hands or making out.
  • She openly discusses her love/sex life with you. This is a no-brainer, my dude! No one will EVER discuss their feelings or attraction to other people with someone else they might view as a potential partner.
  • She offers to set you up with one of her friends. I mean, do we have to bash you over the head with this one? This is an absolute clear-cut sign that your crush cares for you as a friend and that is all. Would you try to pawn off a girl you were interested in to one of your besties? No? Well, there you go. If this woman though about you at all as a potential partner, she would most certainly not be telling you about all of her hot friends you should be dating.
  • She has little to no interest in spending time alone with you, as two people would on a date. If she does invite you to go somewhere or hang out with her, it’s always with a group of friends.
  • She doesn’t respond or react to you showing interest. If you make subtle overtures and/or advances to gauge her level of romantic interest in you, she either does not respond to them or she “plays dumb;” i.e., she appears to be oblivious to the fact that you’re interested in her as more than a friend.
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What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You “Buddy”?

“Buddy” is a term originally coined by men to address other men whom they consider their friends – a term that tells they have gone from acquaintances to a new and improved level of friendship.

But now you’ve got the pretty girl in whom you’re romantically interested calling you this manly, familiar term. Much like “dude.”

So the term of endearment has changed slightly; but you’re still wondering where you stand in the sphere of your girl crush as a potential romantic interest.

All of the things we’ve previously discussed here could still apply.

If your crush is referring to you as her “buddy” when she is talking about you to other people, it is probably indicative of the fact that she just views you as a friend.

On the other hand, it could also mean that she wants to give the impression to her friends and family that you are just friends with no romantic interest on either side.

As with when a girl calls you dude, her calling you “buddy” could also mean some of the following things:

  • She is trying to put you in the friend zone. She’s trying to make it clear to you that you are just friends. If she has a crush on you, she will likely use other, more romantic terms of endearment like “baby,” “honey,” or even “boo.”
  • She is trying to tease you. “Buddy” might just be her way of creating playful banter and trying to keep things light with you, even though she may have deeper feelings. You’re going to have to read more in terms of her body language and other actions to determine her deeper meaning.
  • She is not happy with something you did or said. In this case, the term “buddy” can be seen in a negative light. You’ll know by her tone and body language if this is true. Example: if she says something like, “What’s your problem, buddy?”, it could even mean that she is pointing out that you aren’t lovers or even friends and she’s pretty pissed off at you.
when a girl calls you dude

Are you in the friend zone with your crush? Is she testing the waters with you, seeing if you can move things to the next level with her? Is she simply teasing you? Or is she just annoyed by something you said or did?

What does it mean when she calls you dude?

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to sort things out!

Good luck, my dude.

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