When a Girl Looks Back At You When Walking Away (Explained)

You’ve seen it in movies with a love story when a girl looks back at a guy one more time as she’s walking away. She could be on a train that’s departing, and she’s looking out the window to look at him one last time and wave a final goodbye. But what does it mean when a girl looks at you when she’s walking away?

It doesn’t matter if she’s physically walking away, or if she’s on a train or a plane that’s about to take off. When we look back before we leave someone behind, we do it to create a one last memory of them.

smiling woman in public turning around to look behind

It is our mind’s way of “taking a picture” to remember them later, when they’ll no longer be around.

What Does It Mean When She Looks Back

When a girl looks back at you when walking away, it means she has a romantic interest in you. She wants to take one last look at you and save that image of you in her mind. She will remember and be thinking of you later.

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When A Girl Looks Back At You When Walking Away: 3 Reasons

Wants To Give a Subtle Sign She Likes You

For whatever reason she doesn’t want to tell you that she likes you, so she’s using body language to send the message.

When she looks back as she’s walking away from you or by you, the girl is telling you she’s interested. It is a hint she leaves on the table and is hoping you’ll pick up.

Perhaps she’ll be looking for you to make a move now that she showed she’s interested.

She Wants To Gauge Your Reaction

As she’s walking by you, the girl may look back to look at your facial expression.

Are you looking at her too with a big smile on your face? If so, she’ll see it as validation that you’re also into her.

She Wants To See If You Were Checking Her Out

This reason for looking back at you is a bit different than to read the expression on your face.

Some girls may walk by you and look back to see if “you liked what you saw”. This doesn’t always mean they are into you, but noticing you look at them is an ego boost if they catch you checking them out.

attractive young woman looking back

What To Keep In Mind

Keep in mind a girl may look back at you for other reasons. There will be times she’ll look back at you, but not because she’s interested.

The true motive depends on the situation and environment.

For example, you may be walking by a girl and accidentally bump into her without saying “sorry”. If she looks back at you, it’s clear she’s not attracted to you.

She’s looking at you in disbelief to how rude you are to not apologize.

Non Romantic Reasons A Girl Will Turn Around To Look At You

couple girl friends laughing together

You Did or Said Something To Offend Her

You may be having an argument with her and she decides to walk away from you.

When she looks back at you as she’s walking away, more than likely she’ll have a “you disgust me” look on her face, and not a smile.

She Was Talking About You To a Friend

If you see two girls walking by and one (or both) of them turn around to look at you, don’t assume she’s interested.

It’s possible they were having a conversation about a random guy who happens to look like you. The girl turning around to look at you only means she wanted to take a better look at how you look.

Maybe one of the girls pointed out something about you to the other girl and she turned around to look at you because of it.

You Look Funny, Weird or Interesting

Other times a girl will look back as she’s walking by you is because she noticed something “different” about you.

People do this all the time and turn around to look at the person who, for some reason, stands out. You could be wearing a big bright funny looking hat, or had a parrot sitting on your shoulders.

These are reasons someone might want to look back and take one more look at you or the object itself.

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Irritated looking woman looking back

Other Reasons To Consider

It’s quite possible she thought you said something to her, or heard her name called.

It could be that she heard a noise coming from your direction.

Her turning around was curiosity to see what that noise was.

It’s important to understand why someone might turn around to look at you. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume a girl is showing interest.

Be aware of the surroundings and evaluate any possible reason someone might want to look at you.

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when a girl looks back at you when walking away


When a girl looks back at you when walking away, a part of her wants to stay. This is, in most cases, a clear sign she is romantically interested in you.

Catching a last glimpse of you is what a girl will do subconsciously as she’s trying to have a last look at you. She finds you’re attractive.

When the girl knows you’ll notice her looking at you, she is doing is as a way to show she’s into you. It is now your turn to show interest and why not approach her and start a conversation next time you see her around.

The most important part of figuring out a girls true intentions is to pay attention to the look on her face. If she smiling while she’s looking at you or trying to make eye contact, it’s safe to assume she wants you.

On the other hand, she may have a serious look on her face. If she looks at you after you’ve done or said something offensive, sorry bud but there’s no romance involved here.

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  1. yes very interesting there is a woman on my job she is not drop dead beautiful but she is very lovely in her way and she frequently looks back at me or makes an effort to acknowlledge me with her eyes

    • Yes if a girl looks back at you is a sign she likes what she sees ..pay atten too what the case may be.. but a smile and eye contact being all shy too say a word to eachother until u guys leave eachother sight is a sign of of like in you… shyness always wins in these cases then boom u may have lost ur chance unless u see her often i call it a lost if u never see her before in ur life…


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