Why Do Women Wear Revealing Clothes (Explained)

Psychology says that when we look at a woman dressed in clothing that shows a lot of skin, we tend to view her as less intelligent or accomplished than a woman who is dressed more conservatively. Some studies even suggest that people feel less empathy for women who wear revealing outfits or view them as “trashy.” 

With that fact in mind, why is it that women deliberately choose to wear skimpy, revealing clothing?

woman in sexy clothes holding her breasts

Why Do Women Wear Revealing Clothes-The Psychology Behind It

  • It makes her feel more attractive and sexy. Who doesn’t want to feel desirable? Many women simply aren’t into the “Little House on the Prairie” dresses that some stores are trying to push on women.
  • For comfort in hot weather. On a hot day, a women who is covered head-to-toe in long sleeves and long pants is likely to be very uncomfortable.
  • It’s an expression of her personality. She may be a bit of a rebel and enjoy the attention she gets from wearing what she prefers, which may be a bit shocking to some.
  • Revealing clothes are marketed and sold by fashion retailers. Take a trip to the mall and see how many short, low-cut, tight-fitting  clothes and sexy high heels are marketed to women. It’s what is currently fashionable.
  • To display her best assets. She might have great legs, beautiful breasts, or a toned butt – or all three of the above, if you’re lucky – and she doesn’t want to cover them up.
  • She is intentionally trying to get attention. She might want to outshine other women when you go out (it is true that women dress as much for other women as they do for men). 
  • She is trying to attract men (or women, as the case may be). Men are visual creatures and will be naturally attracted to a woman who likes to show skin.
  • Because she can.In these “more enlightened” times, it’s considered more generally acceptable for a woman to wear what she pleases, whether it’s slit up to HERE or cut down to THERE. In olden days a glimpse of ankle was looked on as something shocking…but these days, as the old song says, “God knows…anything goes!” 
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What Her Clothes Say About Her

We’ve broken this category down into five major identifiable ways a woman tends to dress, and what statement these types of clothes make:

  • Classic. This girl prefers to wear timeless pieces that never go out of style – well-tailored skirts, trousers, a classic white shirt, cardigans and jeans. She seems like the wholesome, girl-next-door type. 
  • Athletic/Sporty. This woman’s repertoire consists mainly of yoga pants, sports bras, athletic shoes and baseball caps. She’s a woman who likes to stay in shape and who clearly cares a lot about her health and fitness.
  • Business Professional. Conservative pullovers, blouses, knee-length skirts and pantsuits are the hallmark of this woman’s wardrobe. She dresses for success and to advance in the corporate world.
  • Mom-Life. You’ll find this woman in leggings, sweatpants and relaxed comfortable clothing, little to no makeup and her hair in a low-maintenance ponytail or piled on top of her head. Her look screams “busy mom with no time to spend on her appearance.”
  • Sexy/Provocative.  Dressing provocatively suggests that a woman is confident, power-hungry and likes to be in control of a situation. She is aware that her style of dress will turn heads and she enjoys it. A more “mature” woman dressing in this revealing manner could also be refusing to “act her age” or conform to societal standards on what it or isn’t appropriate for women “of a certain age” to wear. 

Should I Date A Woman That Dresses Provocatively?

It’s totally up to you and your preference. You may enjoy dating a woman who goes out of her way to look enticing and sexy for you. Just keep in mind that she is also sure to catch the attention of lots of other men wherever you go.

If you’re cool with that, and confident about the status of your relationship, then go for it. 

woman in revealing clothing posing for the camera

Why Does My Own Girlfriend Wear Revealing Clothes?

There are essentially only two different reasons why your girlfriend dresses in clothing that you think may leave not quite enough to the imagination. They are as follows: 

  • “I like to dress this way for myself and my own comfort” (This is what she will tell you, and in most cases it is the truth), OR:
  • “I like to feel sexy and powerful. I also like to get attention from other men and to feel desirable.” (This, she probably won’t tell you, and for pretty obvious reasons!) 

Some guys enjoy it when their girl dresses in low-cut tops that show off cleavage, micro-miniskirts, tight dresses and stiletto heels. It makes them feel like all eyes are on them, and what a stud they are to be able to pull a hot, sexy girl. It boosts their ego to be seen in public with their “arm candy.”

If you are one of these guys – congratulations! No harm, no foul. You and your girlfriend can both enjoy the revealing clothes she wears. 

If, however, it’s all a bit much for you, and you don’t enjoy your girl putting all her wares on display, you may need to have a discussion with her and ask her (tactfully, of course) whether she wouldn’t mind covering up a bit as it makes you uncomfortable.

But keep in mind it’s never OK to be demanding or controlling about what your girl wears.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual woman what she chooses to wear or not to wear. It’s not for men to try to control, judge or coerce a woman to dress in any particular way.

We hope that girl you’re crushing on or dating dresses in a way that’s attractive and pleasing to both of you – or that a compromise can be worked out.

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